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Green fly on my peppers

Im just after finding green fly on my peppers plants in my green house, 1 plant has loads and 1 or 2 have a few. what should i do? kenneth, Athenry, Co Galway Posted: 13/06/2011


Peppers, and most greenhouse plants, often are attacked by greenflies, and there are few, if any predators or parasites of greenfly in a greenhouse.

So it is necessary to control them by spraying with water, or soapy water, or organic grenfly spray, which you can get from garden centres.

Spray only in the evening to avoid potential scorch of the foliage and if the follwoing days were forecast dull and cloudy, so much the better.


Withering leaves on chillies

I have been growing 4 different species of chilli peppers in my greenhouse, in pots. Whilst I planted the seeds quite late (mid May, owing to the fact that I was building my greenhouse!), 3 of the plants have started to produce chillies. However, the leaves are withering a bit at the moment, despite keeping them watered, and there is no sign of whitefly/greenfly etc. The actual peppers look healthy enough. Any ideas what the problem is, if any, or is this usual? Cirymarr, Wicklow, Co Wicklow Posted: 10/09/2009


Chilli plants often lose some leaves late in the season, but you could be over-watering too. Allow them to dry a little now because you want the emphasis on the chillies rather than new leafy growth. In general, they have enough energy in the plant to develop the chillies, but it might run quite late. Too much watering can cause rotting.

  Capsicum peppers

Capsicum peppers

My peppers, sown from seed in greenhouse have flowered and are fruiting. They have been attacked by green/white fly in the past. The early fruit is now are being eaten by something I cannot see. Leaves have holes and peppers have been eaten into without any sign of the pest. The joints of the stem/leave have black patches. I would like to save the rest of the crop with your advice and keep them organic. Photos attached ZoeBrady, Greystones, Co Wicklow Posted: 01/08/2009


That damage was caused, more than likely, by snails, or even just one snail, feeding at night and hiding by day. Search for snails and remove them.


Glasshouse Sweet Peppers

I have some pepper plants growing in my glasshouse which I cultivated from seed. I sowed them in the glasshouse in early June. The plants are thriving but there is no sign of any fruit yet. When can I expect the fruit to appear or can I do anything to encourage fruit celined, Kells, Co Meath Posted: 23/07/2009


June is very late for seed sowing of peppers, and even planting out of established plants in June is quite late, though not disastrously so. There is still time.

You need flowers to form first, and set, and then the fruit comes quite quickly.

It may be that you are getting flowers but these ae not setting, either due to rapid growth or lack of pollination, or both. Taps the plants each day to release pollen.



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