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When to move asparagus

The allotment I've had for the past number is not longer available to me. Can I transplant my asparagus or do I have to start again with new plants? When is the best time to do it and will I be able to harvest the first years crop after transplanting. Mary Catherine, Blackrock, Co Cork Posted: 04/12/2017

Being a herbaceous perennial, asparagus can be lifted at any time when dormant between November and March. Its crowns and roots are quite shallow, fleshy and easily damaged.

Cut back the withered stems as a guide to where to dig. Loosen the soil and lift carefully. Keep moist and re-plant as soon as possible. If they are strong plants and settle  in well, why not take a  few spears in May!


Is it ok to move asparagus plants

My 3 yr old asparagus plants are not doing great and planted very near to a wall. Is it ok to move them to another site. It's possible they don't get enough water and also I forgot sbout the snails. Tiger, Glounthaune, Co Cork Posted: 23/08/2011


These can be moved with care in late March or April. The fleshy roots spread quite a bit and should be damaged in lifting as little as possible.

More at:  http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=1005




asparagus need support?

Should i put in support's for asparagus plant's i just planted i think they around 2 years old, they look like they need some thing... thanks.........Also what's the proper temperature for glass house when sowing tomatoes ,chilli and peppers.. Should i used miracle grow or go for somthing more organic like nettle feed when feeding. kenneth, Athenry, Co Galway Posted: 13/05/2011


Asparagus does not generally need support but it can be tossed about and it is sometimes retained to keep it tidy.

Tomatoes, chillis and peppers need a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius to sprout and this can be done indoors in March or later in a greenhouse, or by using a small propagator or heat mat.

The temperature can be lower once they have germinated and usually an unheated greenhouse is okay, but you might need to cover on frosty nights in spring, or have a frost protection heater if sowing is done in March.

Miracelgrow is much richer than nettle feed, which is mostly nitrogen.

For general use, a granular fertilizer provides higher levels of nutrients. This can be done also by organic manures over a longer period of time.





asparagus with rhubarb

Should i sow asparagus with rhubarb and what kind of soil do i need. kenneth, Athenry, Co Galway Posted: 05/05/2011


No, asparagus and rhubarb should be planted separately and any good, well-drained soil is suitable.

Lots more in: http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=345



how far apart rhubarb and asparagus?

Im about to plant Asparagus beside recently planted Rhubarb plants. As the rhubarb hasnt matured yet what spacing would i need to leave between the two rows of veg. megan, Aclare, Co Sligo Posted: 05/03/2011


Asparagus is notmally grown in a bed of about four rows set 30cm apart.

An asparagus bed would need to be about 1.2 to 1.5 metres from the rhubarb row, measured centre row of rhubarb to centre of first row of asparagus.


Asparagus Seedlings

I have about 30 healthy Asparagus(Connovers Collosal) seedlings but I don't have a permanent bed ready for them. The seedlings are now about 10 weeks old.Is it possible to plant them temporarily(possibly but not necessarily until next year),allow the crowns to develop and them plant them on permanently.I suppose the question I am asking is the same as "How do nurseries produce their one year crowns)? Could I even just pot them on in bigger pots and park them until the bed is ready,hopefully in a month(maybe two) or so or could I even leave them in the small pots for that lenght? Some of them are in these very small peat pots. JaySea, Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny Posted: 24/04/2010


Plant these plants out into open ground wherever possible to grow on. Normally asparagus seed is sown in a nursery bed in open ground and the plants allowed to grow for a year before transplating to permnanent positions. Pot up if you have no ground available.



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