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Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

Our sprouts are doing rather well (see pic). At the top are cabbage-size growths. Is all this greenery edible (leaves and centres). Sure seems a shame to waste it. westerlyvisions, Westport, Co Mayo Posted: 12/11/2011


The tops of Brussels sprouts are edible but strongly flavoured. The sprouts themselves are really just buds and not as strong .... but still too strong for some tastes.


Brussel Sprouts

My Brussel sprouts are still quite small and on a few plants, the sprouts are only half formed. Will they still grow at this time of year? Can I still leave them in the ground in the hope that they will increase in size? RayD, Limerick, Co Limerick Posted: 11/10/2011


It may be that the seeds were sown a bit late and the plants are running out of time. But they will grow and develop for a while yet and even into winter on fine days. Leave them be and see ho wthy get on.


Brussel sprouts

What causes black spots on brussel sprout leaves . Starts at the bottom leaves and works it's way up. Bawnboy, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 16/09/2011


That is leaf spot disease which affects the older leaves most and plants in a sheltered area too.

There is no remedy for home gardeners, except to remvoe some lower leaves to allow air movement.


Brussels sprouts

I was thinking of growing brussels sprouts again this year despite the disaster with pests I had 2 years ago. In short, every bug known to man attacked my crop which put me right off planting them again. My plan this year is to start the brussel sprouts off in the glasshouse (as before) and when I plant them out, l was going to cover the plants with that light white fleece to keep the pests off. My questions are simple in that (i) will the fleece protect my crop from the usual pests & (ii) will the fleece do any damage or stunt the growth of the crop? RayD, Limerick, Co Limerick Posted: 06/12/2010


While it can be done, there is no need to raise Brussels sprouts in a greenhouse. The seeds can be sown outdoors in March. They can be covered as you wish with fleece and it will do no harm to the plants. it will prevent pests if the cover has no gaps.


all brassicas cut at butt

About 3 rows out from hedge all bassicas are being cut off at ground level, I think it might be cutworm, but the plants are feft lying there and are not being eaten. Would cardboard circular cutouts at ground level stop this mayhem ? ei3fx, Garryfine, Bruree, Co Limerick Posted: 08/05/2010


If it is cutworm, which seems likely, you will find them at the stem just below soil level and simply remove them. They do not venture on the surface as it is too dangerous.


Brussel Sprout Transplanting

I bought 4" tall local Brussel sprout plants but am unsure when to put in ground since it has been so chilly here in Zone 8 East, NC. When would be best and what do I do with them in the meantime? NewToVeggieGardening, New Bern, NC, Co Cavan Posted: 15/03/2010


Brussel sprouts are hardy and will not be damaged unless the plants have not been hardened off progressively if they came from a greenhouse, which is likely.

Stand them outdoors by day if not too cold and take in a night for a week or more to harden them off. Then plant out if the weather is reasonable or hold for another few days.


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