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Problem with carrots

I grew carrots for first time this year. Carrots are severly cracked, short and fat. Also they appear to have worms. Steve G, Limerick, Co Limerick Posted: 15/08/2011


The up and down weather is the cause of the cracking and the 'worms' are probably the larvae of carrot root flies.

A carrot fly fence can block these. More at: http://www.garden.ie/gardeningtroubles.aspx?id=629



Persistent carrot root fly

For the second consecutive year my carrot crop has been destroyed by root fly (not grown in the same area of the vegetable garden this year). Adjacent rows of parsnips were unaffected last year, but I'm not sure if they are affected this year. Does the pest persist in the soil ? I don't plan to grow carrots next year, but is it likely to recur when I try again or is there anything that can be done to prevent it? michaelj, Naas, Co Kildare Posted: 31/07/2011


Carrot root fly is very common and attacks can be expected and preacutions must be taken. It overwinters in the soil, but can fly in from other gardens and from wild carrot family plants.

The best solution is a carrot fly fence, 60- 70 cms tall made of polythene or horticultural fleece and buried to prevent gaps and with overlaps where sheets join. It is best made in a long narrow shape, rather than a square, or broad rectangle. So that the flies cannot fly over the top.



Carrot seed not growing

Planted Nantes seed about 3 weeks ago just a few coming up. Had already done same middle of May, a few came up and have disappeared since. What is happening? I had prepared ground well and sowed in drills. budd, Hollyford, Co Tipperary Posted: 06/07/2011


The spring has been cold and dry and a lot of mixed weather and vegetables have been disrupted.

This can cause erratic germination. But it is also possible that the seed was tired, it can happen to a batch, so try some other seeds, still just about time to sow 'Autumn King' carrots for winter.

Those that sprouted and disappeared may have been eaten by snails.


Carrots harvest

I planted autumn king carrot seeds in carrot bags in April, when can I harvest them. Star, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 15/06/2011


Any time you like, but they will keep growing until autumn.


Carrot Fly

Can't think of where I heard or read it but are French Marigolds good for keeping carrot fly at bay? Kerr, Pallaskenry, Co Limerick Posted: 24/04/2011


The theory is that since the carrot fly finds the carrot plants by smell, the pungent scent of French marigolds might cause confusion. Some people claim it works but trials have proved unsatisfactory. 


carrots & frost

Will frost affect my carrots still in ground. anything i should be doing? 191020101, Killeshandra, Co Cavan Posted: 19/10/2010


Hard frost can damage carrots on the shoulders but it needs to be quite severe. You can cover the tops of the roots with soil or lift the carrots and put them in a pit or a store.

Carrots left in the soil cvan suffer damage of other kinds, such as slugs, carrot fly and root rots.


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