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cauliflower bolting

I have cauliflower that has been bolting all summer. Is the bolting due to temperature or lack of watering? OSullivan, Kilmacthomas, Co Waterford Posted: 02/08/2011


Although much of the summer has been overcast there has not been much rain and the soil is dry in most places. Cualiflower bolts if it gets a set-back, such as drought, chilly weather or disruptive transplanting.


Problem with cauliflower

I have few cauliflower plants. Only one plant, though it is not as big as other plants has a head (all planted at the same time)Few of them have loads of leaves but no heads,but looks healthy.What should i do? Transformer, lucan, Co Dublin Posted: 08/07/2011


While it is possible that some will come on later that others, the curds should be inevidnce.

It is also possible that the other cauliflowers are 'blind', meaning the growing point has died, or they have 'buttoned' , that is, made a tiny curd prematurely due to stress at planting and soon after.

Cauliflower 'buttons' when it gets a setabck, usually due to drought, or cold, at planting out time.

If you open out the centre of one of the affected plants, you might find the tiny curd to confirm the problem. If this is the case, they will not progress further.


My cauliflower has no head

My Cauliflower looks really good, with lovely healthy leaves but absolutely no heart ( centre), They look just like cabbage. Is there anything I can do with them or should I get rid of them. 070620111, kildare, Co Kildare Posted: 07/06/2011


Cauliflower should have a tiny curd deep in the core of the leaves. Sacrifice one plant to verify this.

If there is no tiny curd, it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that cabbage seeds were in the cauliflower packet. The proof will be if the plants heart up to make cabbage.

The foliage of the two is distinctly different, the cauliflower more narrow, but this is not obvious to an inexperienced eye.


Caulifower Problem

My cauliflowers were coming on nice & strong, healthy in appearance and thriving until about a week ago when I noticed the plants failing.They have continued to do so. No sign of attack on the plant above ground so I assumed that perhaps the roots were being attacked. I pulldd the smallest plants and discovered a small reddish insect within the roots. Any advice on treatment? Nearby cabbages are fine. LucanBlueNose, Lucan, Co Dublin Posted: 16/05/2011


This sound like cabbage root flies eating the roots. They larvae are normally white but they turn red when they pupate.

More on this at: http://www.garden.ie/gardeningtroubles.aspx?id=627



discoloured cauliflowers

I have just stated harvesting caulifowers but notice the larger ones have developed a purple tinge, the discolouration seems to be confined to the surface. some leaves also have a touch of purple, is this a disease? 030620101, Donegal, Co Donegal Posted: 19/07/2010


Cauliflowers can take on a pink or purplish tinge when exposed to sunlight. A factor can be, especially on peaty ground, that they are short of phosphorus, which is the P in NPK fertilzers. You could try applying a general fertiliser or superphosphate, if you can get it, at 30g per square metre.


cauliflower maggot

I have cauliflower plants which are going limp and dying.When I pull them up I find a small white maggot 5mm long has eated through the root just below the stem, Could you advise? Geoff, Charleville, Co Cork Posted: 03/06/2010


This is cabbage root fly, the larvae eat the roots.

More at: http://www.garden.ie/gardeningtroubles.aspx?id=627



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