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Transplanting courgette seedlings

I have grown courgettes from seed indoors but now that I am planting them out, they are breaking off at the stem. They are in a sheltered area and I've also put down slug repellent, and bed is covered by nets so it's not birds or animals. I don't know what is causing this. I have four more to plant which are hardening off, but want to make sure I don't lose these ones. Inishowen, Inishowen, Co Donegal Posted: 23/06/2016

Snails do not just eat the stem and slime trails would be visible.
If the stems are eaten, it might be cut-worms, fat brown grubs, which you will find just below the soil surface, close to the stem, and can remove.
Or the stems may have been brittle and wind broke, in which case there would be no eating damage.
Harden off the remaining plants well and sow a few seeds for a late crop. 


Flowers but no courgettes

I raised "tromboncino" trailing courgette from seed. Put one outside....very successful plenty courgettes. Put another inside greenhouse. Huge leaves plenty flowers but no courgette? What pollinates courgettes? Is it too hot in greenhouse for insects which might carry out pollination of these plants. Great crop of tomatoes in same greenhouse summer55, Dungarvan, Co Waterford Posted: 25/08/2010


This sound slike pollination problems. Bumble bees are good at pollinating outdoors, but many other insects too. The pollen is heavy and does not transfer on the wind.

In a greenhouse, you could use a fine brush to transfer from male to female flowers. Also greater vigour in the heat of a greenhouse could cause the plant to abort fruit as it made more leafy growth and later produce fruit. 


Problem with courgettes

I am growing courgettes in a polytunnel. However the fruits are turning rotten from the flower end. This happens when the fruits are small (about 2-3 inches. I tried growing courgettes outside last year and the same thing happened. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? DonAdams, Ballaghaderreen, Co Roscommon Posted: 13/07/2010


The rotting of the end of courgettes is usually caused by fungi encouraged by dull wet weather and slow growth.

Usually the problem vanishes in good weather. Courgettes need a sunny spot in rich fertile soil that drains well.


immature fruit drop on courgettes

What causes premature courgettes to drop off the plant when only about 1 inch long 230720091, , Co Carlow Posted: 23/07/2009


Most plants abort some flowers and immature courgettes even in good conditions, but with changeable weather this can be more pronounced. The rain causes a surge of growth and the plants often aborts flowers when this happens.


Trimming back courgette plants?

I have a raised bed and have grown a number of different veg plants, however the courgette plants are huge, stalks and leaves are over shadowing the other plants and blocking their light. Is it possible to trim back some of the stalks and leaves, they look very strong and healthy. Vicky, Delgany, Co Wicklow Posted: 09/07/2009


You can cut away some leaves... and remember to leave more space in future.



I have been growing Courgettes for a number of years now and have some success, but some failures. Some of the courgette form and start to grow, but then begin to rot from the flower end when they are quite small. Out of about 10 courgettes this year, so far I have had three that grew well. I am growing them in pots, outdoor, and water them every night. I grow them from seed and vary the variety from year to year, but the same thing happens. Can you help, please? Joan1_Dublin, Malahide, Co Dublin Posted: 24/06/2009


Courgettes can rot when small due to dull wet weather, which we have had in recent weeks, though there has been an improvement.

The plants are better in the open soil than pots which tend to restrict the roots and the growth of the plants.

Also by careful not to over-water in dull weather as this can lead to rotting and better done in the morning that leave them wet all night.



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