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Any idea what is eating my Brocolli ?

Any idea what is eating my Brocolli ?

Something is munching my Brocolli plants both those bought as plants and those I have grown from seeds. Doesn't seem to be slugs, cant see any tiny eggs or caterpillars although there are small tracks on the reverse of larger leaves? Might it be Vine Weevel although there are lots of big bits from the edges of leaves as well as the middle? The photos below give you a better idea, some of the larger plants have had whole leaves devoured while others have survived attacks, my seedlings are coming on and it looks like they will be victims as well :( Aislingr, Claremorris, Co Mayo Posted: 09/06/2015

That is probably snails, which hide by day, nearby.

  What to do with this fantastic brocolli?

What to do with this fantastic brocolli?

Bought some type of brocolli/calabrese plants in a garden centre last June, put them down and didnt really give them any more attention. From about August onwards they started to give lovely crops of these small heads of broccolli, all through the winter until about mid December. Winter came and went and as you can see from the photo they are flowering again. Every time we harvest the heads, about 14 days later we have another great crop. (this photo was taken in mid Feb 2012). So just wondering 1) Should we expect a long season of this great crop? 2) Anything we should be doing to it to keep it going ? 3) Any idea of the variety/name so I will know it when I see it in the shops again? Aislingr, Claremorris, Co Mayo Posted: 25/02/2012


This looks like one of the new hybrid broccoli types, crossed between the older purple sprouting broccoli and the green summer/autumn broccoli or calabrese.

It is probably an autumn/winter hybrid that has kept on going because of the mild winter, producing new flower stems to replace those you took off.

You can continue to use the florets, of course, but you might try to propagate the plant vegetatively,to have it for the future.

Try to find some small but mature non-flowering stems, or failing that take the flowers off some stems.

Let these dry off for a day or two out of sunlight. The insert them in small pots of compost/sand mix and place in bright place covered with a white plastic bag.

If they root successfully, you can plant the plants out in May.




Purple sprouting Brocoli ready in August

Purple sprouting brocoli should be ready to eat next April, why is it producing sprouts now? itaw, Kilmallock, Co Limerick Posted: 13/08/2011


It was sown too early and some kinds will crop the same year in this case. Sow it in late May or June in a mild area.


Problem with caterpillars

This year I have grown broccoli, which was gorgeous to eat. Now however, when I cut the little off shoots, they are loaded with caterpillars, and even after steeping broccoli in salted water, there are still caterpillars which are so small they are difficult to see, so they end up getting steamed! The leaves are like lace at this point. I am growing more from seed now (they are only at a very early stage yet in a seed tray), but want to avoid steaming caterpillars! Is there a good organic remedy? Marianne, Dundalk, Co Louth Posted: 02/08/2010


Broccoli can be prone to caterpillars in the head. There are some species which eat only the leaves and others that bore into the flower head.

The best bet is probably to use horticultural fleece or fine mesh netting to keep out the adult butterflies. 




I grew calabrese from plants bought in my local garden centre. Very dissapointed as the heads were very small and very quickly went to seed. I cut the heads off to try to encourage side shoots but little was happening so I have pulled them up. Soil is quite heavy but well manured and plenty of water. What do you think was the problem? 030620101, Donegal, Co Donegal Posted: 30/07/2010


It is not unusual for broccoli/ calabrese to 'button' if given any set-back. If the plants chilled or went dry at any stage before or after you bought them, they produce small heads.

Broccoli is best grown from seed direct-sown where it is to mature.

More at:  http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=1024


  Sprouting Broccoli

Sprouting Broccoli

I planted out very mature Sprouting Plants last Saturday and about 25% of them have this on them.I have brought it around to thg local Garden Centres and they have never seen it. Do y0u know what it is and do I need to do anything about it?It is speading very quickly in the infected plants. I am assuming that these JPG files have made it through to you.If not it is a cream coloured blemish on the topside of the leaf but going all the way through.It looks like a number of maps on the leaf. JaySea, Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny Posted: 17/06/2010


This is simply leaf scorch, caused by the sunshine on plants that were stressed. Advanced plants often suffer this. Plant late in the day in overcast, damp weather.


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