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Earwigs at my cabbages

Earwigs at my cabbages

My cabbages are getting eaten and as i have seen earwigs at them assume they are the problem. i have put wet newspaper down in the evening to trap them without much sucess, any help would be great daffi, dromore, Co Down Posted: 09/09/2011


The cabbage has split because it was over-mature and the earwigs are using it mostly for shelter.


Cabbage root fly on established plants

I have cabbage plants that are well established and have now the cabbage root fly symptoms. At this stage, what can I do?? Any sprays?? or alternative cure. glenofthedowns123, Dungarvan, Co Waterford Posted: 25/05/2011


You could try drenching with a fruit and veg insecticide.

Apply about 100mls slowly down the stem at ground level.

There will be a short withdrawal period on the insecticide.


cabbage root fly

Is there anything you can do to kill the larve of cabbage root fly. Or is it just preventing the fly from laying its eggs in first place using netting or cabbage collars? Camellia, cork, Co Cork Posted: 17/05/2011


Usually the damage is done when the problem is noticed and it best to prevent, and assume that attacks will happen.



It is said that stable manure is principally a soil improver. Also that it is a fertilizer. For cabbages its is recommended not to fertilize their beds. So, what is it with stable manure, and should I or should I not apply it to cabbage beds? fons, , Posted: 25/03/2011


Any organic material is a soil improver. Stable manure is relatively low in nutrients, compared to chicken and pig manure, the richest.

Allow it to rot down well and apply before potatoes, sweet corn, courgettes.

It can make cabbages too leafy and rank. But that depends on the soil, if the soil is light it might benefit from some extra feeding.


Cabbage seedlings are leggy

When my cabbage seedlings grow to about 25-35mm in height they are very leggy & do not develop into sturdy plants. I use a good quality seedling compost & grow the seedlings in a greenhouse. Any suggestion on why they grow this way? Nigel, Drogheda, Co Louth Posted: 22/03/2011


When any seedling becomes leggy, it is called etiolation and it is due to lack of light. The seedlings extend their stem to try to reach more light.

Maybe they were shaded, or sown in a half-filled pot, for instance.


Cabbage Plants

How do i control caterpillars on a crop of cabbage plants. They were planted about a month ago and were doing really well but have since being savaged by caterpillars. I don't think these plants can be salvaged but if i plant another batch how do i protect them? They were planted outdoors and were protected by netting. julip, , Co Wexford Posted: 20/09/2010


Caterpillars can be controlled by preventing egg laying, by picking the eggs and caterpillars off or by spraying with either a natural remedy or a chemical spray.

The natural remedy is based on a bacterium but this can be hard to source, Chemical sprays containing short life pyrethrins include: BugClear Gun! For Fruit and Veg and Py Spray Garden Insect Killer


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