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Basil being eaten

Growing basil in a pot outside. Leaves are being eaten by some insect dont see anything .What should i do to stop this and pervent this happening? carlo3109, newbridge, Co Kildare Posted: 22/06/2011


This is probably snail damage. Take the plant indoors ... it does not do well outdoors in any case, as it is too cool.


Seeds not germinating in glass house

New to the world of seeds - I planted basil, pumpkin and squash in a seed tray and left in my glass house. The basil started to sprout within 7 days but now (day 10) there's no sign of it! The pumpkin & squash have not come up even though packet says they should within 5- 8 days. This morning, the temp. in the glass house was 37 degrees C and the seeds have been under cover. So is it possible that I've "cooked" the seeds and they're ruined?? Or am I just being impatient? CareBear, , Co Wicklow Posted: 15/06/2011


In the case of the basil, it is possible that the seedlings emerged anf then were quickly frazzled by scorching sunlight or eaten by a snail. SOme evidence of either must remain for close inspection.

If temperatures are too high, it can cause dormancy in seeds. Reduce the temperature by ventilating.

When sowing seeds, follow the packet instructions to the letter, cover with a sheet of glass or cling film to keep moist and a couple of layers of newspaper.

Keep trying.



Herb Seedlings

I'm a bit new to growing herbs from seed but I planted some Basil, Rosemary and Thyme in small pots and placed them on my window indoors a few weeks ago. They seem to be going well but I'm wondering should I seperate the seedlings into seperate pots or just leave them develop in the pot together, there are quite a lot of seedlings now but I am afraid they may be a bit vulnerable if I start interupting them. I obviously have each type of herb seperate from each other so it is just a lot of the same type of seedling in each pot. Garden Joe, Wicklow, Co Wicklow Posted: 10/03/2011


Herbs are generally quite easy to grow from seed. The seedlings are pricked out into small individual pots, depending on how many plants you want,

Rosemary makes a bush between one and two metres tall and wide and one plant is usually enough.

Thyme is smaller but three or four plants will be enough for most domestic use.

Basil is to be kept on the window sill or in a porch or greenhouse. It too can be pricked out into individual 2 or 3 litre pots or it can be grown as a bunch of plants that reach the size of one pricked out plant.

Seedlings should be procked out at seed-leaf stage to avoid root damage but you can normally get away with it a bit longer.


Basil attack

My basil is being eaten away by something, I have put slug pellets down but I can't find what is eating it, could it be a spider? xxx, Drimnagh, Co Dublin Posted: 29/07/2010


Basil is best grown in a greenhouse or a window sill indoors. Outdoors tends to be too cold and leaves it prey to snails, which are probably the probably.

Small snails may hide amid the leaves or nearby plants and not come across the pellets at all.

Spiders only eat small insects and other creatures, not plants.



This years project is grow as many herbs as possible Only one failed me --Basil -- I tried seeds and I bought some plants but no luck ANY TRICKS iS IT TOO LATE TO TRY AGAIN THIS YEAR iS IT AN ANNNUAL PLANT ONLY tHANKS kay kmcg, Rathfarnham, Co Dublin Posted: 18/07/2009


Basil is grown in a greenhouse or sunny window or porch, from seeds sown in March or April. It does poorly outdoors. Be careful not to over-water seedlings.

More on basil:  http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=1052






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