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Soggy garden

Soggy garden

I have recently moved into a house built approx 14 years ago. It is in a development with houses behind and at each side. I have a soggy and uneven garden. I have two young children and would like to put my garden to better use. I am a first time gardener! I am considering digging the entire garden up, leveling and laying new grass seed. Can you give me any advice? Roisin123, Ratoath, Co Meath Posted: 07/03/2016

Most gardens are soggy these days. Wait a year and observe how the lawn behaves. If it soggy most of the time, it is likely to be a drainage problem.

DIgging up and  re-sowing will not solve a drainage problem. 

In the meantime mow the lawn regularly, weekly at the times of most growth, and see how it goes.


  Are these worm castings?

Are these worm castings?

I've been seeing these strange little mud piles everywhere recently, and I'm wondering if they are earthworm castings? They seem to appear where the ground is particularly wet or muddy. They don't seem to be anything like any castings images I can find on the internet. Do you know what they are?! MaeveDaly, Clonskeagh, Co Dublin Posted: 18/01/2012


These are most definitely worm castings, perfeclty normal on a lawn. If they cause a problem with mowing, which they shooul dnot, simply brush them away on a dry day and they will disintegrate.

Earthworms search for food on the surface at night and draw it down into borrows and later excrete soil as castings.


Ridges on lawn

A number of ridges have appeared on part of the lawn in early Spring. Approx 3 meters long and 1cm wide. What could have caused this and whats the best way to restore it back to an even surface. RPM1, , Co Donegal Posted: 20/09/2011


One centimetre wide is very small. DIg up some of it and see what might be the cause.

It might be roots of neighbouring trees expanding. This is common with birch and cherry. These can be cut off.


garden water retention

Should I spread lawn sand on patches of my garden that can retain rainwater. The garden has been established over the last 5 years. tubs, midleton, Co Cork Posted: 21/03/2010



Lawn sand is a moss and weed killer, not intended as an aid to drainage. If water is slwo drain there is probaly some comapcted soil and you might help this if you drive down a digging fork to full depth and gently ease back to crack the soil, when dry.


minor bumps in lawn

I have a resonably healthy lawn apart from many bumps due probably to over enthusiastic hurlers using it in damp conditions. Would you recommend rolling it? I realise that a very heavy roller would probable do more harm than good but maybe a half filled water roller would do the job? Bloom239, , Co Wicklow Posted: 13/05/2009


Minor bumps tend to level themsleves out over a period of time due to action of weather and earthworms. You can roll a lawn to level small surface unevenness and it is best down after rain but not when the ground is so wet that it is squelchy as this can cause damage, and do it only once or twice.


slope: use rubble to fill?

Hi Gerry, My 75sq m garden is 4 feet below the level of my patio area: there's a retaining wall at the end of the patio... and a 4 foot drop to grass. I plan to raise the garden by filling it up 3 feet with builder's rubble (I'm renovating the house) and covering over with 1 foot of topsoil. Is this OK? (I have young kids - the garden will be mostly grass for the next few years...) many thanks Bill billmcc, dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 27/08/2008

Twelve inches of soil on top of a very free-draining base such as rubble will be very prone to dry out in summer. Grass will scorch easily and wear.

You could get rid of some rubble in this fashion but you would to have two feet of topsoil as a minimum.

Filling part of it and leaving a lesser change of level can be very attractive, so it is not essential to fill completely. 



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