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Lawns : Sowing

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Overseeded lawn

We had a new (less than 1 year) very patchy lawn which I overseeded over 2 weeks ago. I prepared diligently the existing lawn (aereted, de-thatched etc). I cut the grass fairly tight, laid top-soil then seed down. Gently raked the new seed in. Watered every day, when it wasn't raining. I am still waiting for germination! The problem now is that the existing grass it getting quite long and I can't cut it. Do I just wait it out and hope the new seed eventually germinates? Andirib21, Athboy, Co Meath Posted: 16/05/2017

You can run over the lawn with blades set a notch higher....and the grass will appear.

Too much watering can wash the seed about, exhausting it.



I have recently killed the moss in a section of my garden. Raked it off when browned. I prepared garden for overseeding 2 weeks later March 16. I planted seed lightly watered and spread a light coat of fertilizer over it. Did I seed to early. The weather seems to have gone back to winter. Cold and rain 741916, , Co Dublin Posted: 22/03/2017

Enough of the seed will germinate and if not, over-sow any patches again.

  Cover to keep nettles in check

Cover to keep nettles in check

Keeping weeds especially nettles at bay around holiday home in County Cork in recently cleared grounds. Would really appreciate suggestions for low maintenance quick low growing 'anything' that will sort this problem. Meeng, Malahide, Co Dublin Posted: 11/08/2016

The best thing to do is to sow grass over the area and mow and the nettles will eventually die out under mowing pressure.


dead lawn

all of lawn mistakenly sprayed with Rosate 2 weeks ago. can I scarify now and overseed? landy, ballincollig, Co Cork Posted: 08/08/2016

Rosate is a glyphosate spray adn kills grass. 

You can mow as tightly as possible and sow over the dead/dying sod and simply brush it inwith a yard brush, no need for scarifying if you wish. 


Lawn scorch

Some weeks prior to the recent dry spell, I applied 'Dicophar' lawn weedkiller. Some weeks later (about the beginning of the dry spell) I applied 'Hygea lawn feed (3-in-1) to part of the lawn where growth wasn't great, around trees & hedges and watered it in thoroughly and on successive days. Despite this, with the prolonged dry spell, severe browning of the grass has taken place! Will the affected areas recover or will reseeding be necessary?, sylvester, , Posted: 18/06/2016

The stress on the grass was too sever, but it is very likely to recover with recent rain. If it does not, shake out some lawn seed over the dead grass, when a showery spell is expected.


Dog urine

I note that in some US sites they talk about varieties of grass species that is quite resistant to talk urine. In a small garden, such as mine where the dog is trained not to go near borders, tubs or boxes, it is hard to also designate an area for urine that is also discrete or contained. My only hope is to contain the problem by throwing water on it which has not really helped or by feeding her a substance that dilutes the nitrogen and i wont do that. Are there particular varieties of grass or lawn turf that you would recommend or is the best advice to do what I am doing and contain it as best I can. maynooth, Maynooth, Co Kildare Posted: 29/03/2016

Flooding the area with a bucket of water is the usual, but often the damage is done.

Fescue and perennial ryegrass have shown more resistance but can be damaged too. These species are contained in most lawn grass mixes.

Try re-seeding after rai with seed sown onto a 2cm layer of moss peat or compost. At least the number of patches will be fewer.




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