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Lawns : Feeding

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Lawn thatch/powered hollow tine

My lawn is 27 years old and I feed in in spring & autumn, using feed & weed. Very few weeds & little moss. I used powered roller type rotary mower, set to medium height, not too tight. Problem is that tips of grass are growing on brown shoots of 2", leaving footprints. Lawn looks better than it actually is. Is it too late (end Nov) to use a powered hollow tine machine? Or would spring scarifier be better? TKHO, Limerick, Co Limerick Posted: 25/11/2017

A hollow tine machine is used to relieve compaction, as on golf greens. You have rightly identified grass thatch as the problem and this would be best alleviated by scarifying in spring, when you could also top-dress with some fine soil, if you have it, and oversow with seed of the same kind of grass you already have.

  patchy  and stunted lawn

patchy and stunted lawn

Patchy and stunted new sown lawn in April this year - any ideas ? - is it too late in the year for a product such as green comfort recovery James martin, Ennis, Co Clare Posted: 31/08/2017

Give an autumn lawn feed and control weeds in late spring.


Getting the lawn right

What product (what brand) should I use to get rid of moss before raking it out and what to use to feed the lawn and fix patchy areas? Is it ok to do it all now in March? 090320171, , Posted: 09/03/2017

Use lawn mosskiller now...brands are much the same.

Sow patchy areas during any fine spell now or April.  Feed in April with spring lawn fertiliser.


yellow grass

Newly laid grass on a south facing lawn in April this year, on a well churned topsoil using a rotovator. Last month or so have had a lot patches of grass turning yellow in the middle of the lawn, no dogs or cats in the household, also a lot of thinning grass too, what might be the cause of this and what might I do to rectify this? 081020161, dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 08/10/2016

There is often variation in fertility of soil in new lawns. Give an autumn feed or wait and feed in April, to even it out.


lawn scarification

Ive got few questions.Is it too early to scarify? Can you spray dicophar directly after and apply feed aswell? Trying to get sorted before Winter. Also, when scarifying should you go in few diff directions, or just over the area once in one direction? laddy, , Co Cork Posted: 24/08/2016

With adequate feeding, scarifying is not generally necessary.

Dicophar lawn weedkiller can be applied when weed and grass growth is active and not affected by drought or cold weather, usually possible until the end of September.

Autumn lawn feed can be applied.


Problem with lawn

Last year, on my bigĀ  2 year old lawn,there appeared big brown patches filled with dried dead grass. I 've tried to rake and spread more lawn seeds and lawn feed on the patches but don't see any changes so far. Grass is not growing as quick and thick as it used to. What can I do to fix those patches and improve lawn health? Would any fertilizer help? Jacob, Mountbellew, Co Galway Posted: 28/04/2016

Lack of feed does not kill grass ... it just grows poorly. If all the grass is dead, it is due to some other factor, such as dog urine on small patches or petrol spillage or weedkiller contaminatio, or a very shallow topsoil.
Dig a hole to investigate the quality of the soil.
Re-sow and when grass is growing, feed with lawn fertiliser. 


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