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Lawns : Neglected Lawns

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Lawn maintenance

In recent times, I have only done the basics for my lawn so it’s long overdue some attention. It’s a little bit patchy in places and I have some clover type weeds. I believe my Soil is Sand type and I will get a PH test soon. Could you help advice the order of doing things: Weeds, aerating scarifying and top dressing? Depending on the pH test would I need to include Sulphur etc. into that list? Doug99, Malahide, Co Dublin Posted: 31/08/2016

Weeds are best controlled April to September.
Aerating, scarifying and top-dressing are marginal ... feeding in April and repeat at 8 weeks is usually enough. Autumn feed if you like, it can be a boost.
Grass grows at a wide range of pH, but sulphur can be used for moss control in October to  March.
There is information at: http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=327


Discoloured Grass

Last year I had someone in to prepare ground and spread topsoil as needed to level it. I was away the day that the work was completed so never got to see the topsoil. It was only when I began rotivating and preparing it for seeding that I saw the poor quality of the soil. It looked like a mix of sandy very very stony subsoil, almost a pale yellowish colour. Anyway, I continued with the seeding and a year on the area where this topsoil was used the grass is a distinct yellow colour and very patchy where the grass wont grow at all, leaving it just bare. Over the winter there was little or no growth compared to other areas of the lawn and it is still the sickly yellow. Is there anything that I can do to rectify the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Zipiter, Wexford, Co Wexford Posted: 20/03/2016

The soil is of low fertility. You can imrove it by applying a general fertilizer, such as 10-10-20, to the affected areas in spring. And scatter some lawn seed and feed any grass that appears with lawn fertilizer in sumer, two or three times, until things look better.
If the soil is very light and sandy, nutrients leach out easily and drought is also likely, so that affeected areas might be a be bit scanty in grass cover, but feeding selectively can help a lot. 


Grass damage

I recently got a dog. My garden is blocked from the sun for the majority of the day, with the recent weather the garden has cut up badly, and I was hoping you could advise me on any way of hardening or drying out the ground, I don't want to concrete as it takes the garden feel away. MarkoD, Clonmel, Co Tipperary Posted: 09/02/2016

The principle is: small garden-small dog, but failing that perhaps a dog-run can be made for the dog to use in wet times and give the dog more access to the rest of the garden when the soil has firmed up.


Scutch infestation

So my lawn has become around 70-80% scutch. I want to avoid the nuclear option of roundup, Rotavate and reseed since the lawn is about 3/4 of an acre. I'm scarifying heavily tomorrow and overseedng in the hope it will help. Have I any other options..?? WesternGarden, Galway, Co Galway Posted: 05/06/2015

The alwn does not have scutch ...scutch does not tolerate regaulr mowing. It is probably fescue or bent that looks scutchy. Scarifying and overseeding will definitely help.

A lawn can be oversown without cultivation but killing all grass and re-growth with 2 applications of glyphosate about 5 weeks or more apart and then oversowing into the dead sod. September is a good time to do this.


Completely Neglected Lawn

Just wondering if you can tell me how to go about reseeding my lawn. It's completely neglected. It hadn't been cut in over a year and half. I have strimmed it last night, but it's very uneven. Clumps of grass growing in places, there seems to be cherry blossoms springing up in the lawn. Do I kill off the existing grass/weeds with Round Up? Then use a rotavator to loosen the soil? Then sow the seeds?? Sorry I'm new to gardening! Den2011, Navan, Co Meath Posted: 26/07/2011


If the soil is even, then you need only cut the grass with a strimmer and then feed and  mow regualrly and some sort of lawn will emerge.

If the soil is bumpy you may need to cultivate to level it. See more at: http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=335



Lawn in bad condition

Never got around to doing final cut on grass last autumn, so long grass, winter and snow means the lawn is now wrecked. It's muddy, patchy and bare in places, loads of weeds have come up too. What can I do to get a lovely lawn for summer? sassyem, , Co Dublin Posted: 24/03/2011


 Mow the grass without delay, taking two cuts if necessary, the first one at highest cutting height and the second at the second lowest or middle cutting height, whatever is normal.

You may have to leave off the grass-catcher to do this and rake up the grass mowings.

 Feed with spring lawn feed.

Apply lawn weedkiller in May.

Mow every week.

More at:  http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=327




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