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Weed Killer on My Raised bed

Accidentally sprayed Roundup on my vegetable raised bed, how long before i can safely use it ? bodanco, VENERAND - France, Outside Ireland Posted: 04/08/2017

Glyphosate, the active ingredient of Roundup, is only taken in by the existing green plants, if  any, that you sprayed.

It is not carried through soil and will not affect new plants put in, even right away. 

  Rhubarb leaves being eaten

Rhubarb leaves being eaten

Having problems with the rhubarb this year as you can see it is being eaten by something but it is not slugs or snails and underneath them there is nothing there either could you any have suggestion as to what it might be. regards b bibi2591, Ballyboughal, Co Dublin Posted: 19/04/2017

It is not snails .... the main damage was done while the leaves were in bud, probably cutworms or possible grub larvae of a beetle species.

It is likely to be a once once ... feed the plant to help it recover and grow. 


Dog Poop in the Veg Patch

I got a neighbour's grass clippings last year, which I used in the lasagna-layering in the veg patch. Working the soil this spring I noticed a strong odor of dog poop. When I commented about to him, he admitted that he doesn't clean up the yard after his 3 dogs, just mows it up with the grass. I am so upset. Dog poop is now integrated into my entire veg patch. I have already started to plant the garden. Can I eat the veg? What should I do? VickyO, Churchill, Co Donegal Posted: 24/03/2017

Very off-putting indeed and there may be dog-disease issues.

 It may be necessary to remove it, depending on how well decomposed the grass is now. A discernable smell is not good. Well rotted is best.

Disease organisms do not travel through the plant tissues but soil getting on vegetables might contaminate them.

Or skip a year, and sow the area with green manure to help decomposition. 


Pea problem

the Receptacle on my peas are being infested by a microscopic white grub which kills the flower. What is it and what can I do? 1122, , Co Dublin Posted: 22/03/2017

It sounds like pea moth grubs. These drill into the forming pods and feed on the peas, usually not seen until pods are picked. Try covering the plants with horticultural mesh or fleece. 


slugs and caterpillars

What is the best way to control slugs and caterpillars on cabbage, turnips etc? herb, Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary Posted: 21/09/2016

There various organic, barriers, biolgical and chemical ways to control  these pests.

It is a question of choosing which suits you, but biological control with nematodes, such as Nemasys, might suit you, although it sounds  like the damage has been done.  

  Radish and lettuce problem

Radish and lettuce problem

I have lettuce and radish growing in a window box. First some radish leaves got holes and now some lettuce are toppling over being eaten at the bottom of the stalk and have no roots. Mjconnol, Celbridge, Co Kildare Posted: 25/08/2016

Small holes can be made in radish leaves by flea beetles, especially at seedling stage. Later snails may eatern larger uneven holes.

Cutworms or leather jacket are soil larvae that feed on roots.

More on these at: http://www.garden.ie/gardeningtroubles.aspx?id=624


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