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Cape gooseberry

Cape gooseberry

I have grown some Cape Gooseberry plants from seed. One is fruiting now but the leaves are going brown at the edges and yellow and the fruits are falling off. I water it about once a week. It is indoors. Munroe, ., Co Mayo Posted: 13/11/2017

The brown edges are a good indicator that you may have missed watering for a few days and the plant has taken a setback, and it is reducing its burden.

But be careful as too much water can be equally damaging. Keep its compost just barely moist.

Place it in good light, though not a very sunny window in its current condition, and away from heat sources. 


Keeping slugs and snails out of growhouse

I have problem with slugs eating my fruit and veg leaves in greenhouse is there any natural way of keeping them away other than using slug pellets? Grrl, Midleton, Co Cork Posted: 30/05/2017

Reduce hiding places, stones and bit of timber, and have no weeds.

Use traps of cabbage leaves or similar and collect snails and slugs by hand.

Or try Nemaslug from Mr Middleton. 


New greenhouse

I have a new 12' by 15' by 10' tall greenhouse. Can you give basic maintenance tips already I have green slime on the patio slabs supporting the frame. I will sow in the soil and will have pots also. I intend to grow a few vines but I wonder is it worth having two or three and will I be able to grow anything underneath them. Is a weeping hose suitable to water with? 290120171, Askeaton, Co Limerick Posted: 29/01/2017

The current Jan/Feb 2017 issue of The Irish Garden has an extensive article on what can be grown in a greenhouse. 

It is not much space for more than one grapevine unless you keep them small. And yes it can be shady under vine foliage.

A seep hose can be useful for permanent plants in the soil. But hose-watering, or with watering can, as needed is more adaptable. For instance, you can damp down the floor on hot days.

Lots more on Garden.ie 



Please help me, any tips on how I can prevent slugs coming in to my house from potplants that have been in my greenhouse? I try to check them carefully and water before I bring them in. Should I re pot them? Some may be in bloom or ready to bloom. 091020161, , Co Wexford Posted: 09/10/2016

 Keep pots off the bare soil to prevent slugs getting in through drainage holes.


Botrytis in Polytunnel

I have had a problem with botrytis on my tomatoes in a polytunnel this year. They had plenty of ventilation but I assume the cause is climatic (a combination of humidity and low light levels). I have grown tomatoes for 30 years and have never encountered this before. My question is: Can I spray the tunnel extensively inside (including the soil) with Jeyes Fluid to prevent the spores overwintering? If so, how soon can I replant the beds. Or, is there a better, less severe, product that would do the job? MikeG, Galway, Co Galway Posted: 05/09/2016

Disinfecting will not help because the spores are everywhere and wind-borne.

Yes, it is increased by humid weather and watering needs to be reduced and more directed to the rootball.

It is much worse in a tunnel as they are not as well ventilated. 


What can I plant now at school?

At school, (2nd level) we have a tunnel, about 20m long with raised beds. Could you give me some ideas on anything transition year students could put in and sell about two weeks before Christmas, and when we could plant. Also could they grow herbs in the tunnel now and lettuce or is it too late. We just want to make some use of it and they can learn so much from this. AngieDaisy, Manister, Co Limerick Posted: 27/08/2016

It would be a miracle before Christmas... unless you buy in advanced plants and finish them off, but that is tricky without the skills of a qualified horticulturist. 

Try some spring cabbage plants, and seeds of winter lettuce, endive, radish, rocket, mizuna,

Teach them to keep the weeds down! 



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