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Grape vines taking a break!

Grape vines taking a break!

I have 2 hamburg grape vines planted in a polycarbonate lean-to greenhouse. The rights are inside but in a raised bed 18"high. This is their 2nd season. There was a lot of growth last year. I pruned them back to train then up the wall. I dug in well rotted dung last November. They started to bud frantically 3 weeks ago, I watered them every 2 or 3 days. The other day they both just stopped growing and just froze. I have taken photos each day for a week and there is absolutely no change in size. The leaves have not discoloured it just doing nothing... I appreciate any advice. JimJams, Newbridge , Co Kildare Posted: 18/04/2017

The weather got a bit colder and you may have been watering too much... wet compost is cold compost.


grapevine leaves dead

3 year old vine, produced healthy leaves this season but now leaves have curled up, brown spots, withered and died - any solution? Morourke, Clifden, Co Galway Posted: 25/04/2016

Sounds like it dried out, if it is in a pot, or if in the open ground, some damage was done to the stem or roots, possibly vine weevil grubs in the soil.

It might recover. Water sparingly, when soil is drying out. 


Grapevine pest

I have one Black Hamburg grapevine in a glasshouse. It is 30 years old. Grape crops were excellent up to 6 years ago when it was attacked by mealybugs brought in on an ornamental plant. How can I get rid of this pest chemically? I have tried control by cleaning off old bark, squashing egg-nests, etc., but the pest lives on despite these efforts. 040120161, , Co Galway Posted: 04/01/2016

Mealy bugs are difficult to clear, because they are very flat and shelter in tiny crevices and they have waxy coat that helps deflect sprays.

Organically, you might try spraying thoroughly with vegetable oil 50 ml dispersed by 10 drops of washing up liquid in 1 litre of water. The oil smothers the insect, but you need to be very thorough.

Or use a garden insectide such as Plant Rescue, also very thoroughly.

Repeat every 2 weeks until all mealy bugs are gone. 




Glasshouse grape vine

I sowed a vine about three years ago, rooted outside and trained it inside the glasshouse. There has been plenty of growth and flowers. However towards the end of June the flowers fail to develope further- no obvious signs of pests or disease. I have used no spray to date. What is the cause of this? Should I now spray for mildew and maybe be more active with regular prunning? vineman, Kildare, Co Kildare Posted: 15/05/2013


If there is no sign of mildew, there is no need to spray.

Young vines tends to be vigorous and often do not form fruit in the early years, when expansion growth is the priority.

Do not over-feed and allow it to settle into a flowering and fruiting pattern.


mildew grapevine

i have a grapevine in my conservatory affected by mildew. during the dorment season what treatment should i apply and simularly during the growing season. a lot of references are made to Captan ? 031220111, naas, Co Kildare Posted: 03/12/2011


Powdery mildew on a grape vine can be controlled by spraying with a product that contains the active ingredient myclobutanil such as Doff Systemic Fungus Control.

Apply when the leaves have half-opened and when fully opened.


growing grapes

I got a black seedless grape and have it in the glass house,it has what looks like tiny grapes but now seems to be growing little shoots from the grape and are just falling off, i have it in a container as the floor is cement,do they need plenty of room for the roots? 2060620111, carbury, Co Kildare Posted: 06/07/2011


The first rounded shapes you saw were flower buds. These opened and they consist of a tiny berry, the grape, and its attendant stamens, the male part of the flower, which produce pollen, and whic you thought were grwoing from berries. The stamens are shed. 

The grapes will develop if the soil conditions are right and the plant is healthy.

A grapevine can be grown in a pot of reasonable size, as long as it is watered enough to keep it moist and liquid-fed with tomato food everry two weeks. 

More at: http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=365



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