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House Plants : Heat Requirements

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Overwinter bougainvillea

I have a beautiful bouganvillea which thrived all summer and is still covered in flower, how do I manage for winter? I have unheated greenhouse/ garage/ pantry. Would any of them be suitable to overwinter it? 19529, Barna, Co Galway Posted: 23/10/2017

Bougainvillea is tender and needs to be treated as a houseplant and kept indoors in a heated conservatory or room. The pantry would be warmest and okay if there is good light.

  brown spots on anthurium leaves

brown spots on anthurium leaves

I have an anthurium plant since last2 months . Recently started brown spots on its leaves . sending you pic. What is the reason and how to treat? sualeha, Ennis, Co Clare Posted: 07/11/2016

Possibly too close to a source of heat, or too dry air. Move to a cooler place with bright but not direct sunlight.


advice about gardenia house plant

I got a present of a gardenia house plant. How do i care for it? - watering, positioning, room temperature. radish, galway, Co Galway Posted: 04/01/2013


Gardenia is tricky enough to grow well.

It is native to warm regions of China and Japan. It needs relatively high temperature year round, not less than 15 Celsius at night, and temperatures in most houses drop below this at night in winter.

It also likes high humidity and the atmosphere of a house can be too dry. Use a pebble tray with water to improve humidity around it. But do not stand the pot in water.

It needs good light, as much as possible in winter, and bright but not direct sunshine in summer. 

Gardenia is an acid-loving plant and feeds for acid-lovers should be used every two weeks from April to August. And lime-free compost used when re-potting.

Watch for signs of red spider mite on indoor plants.



plant called lucky heather

My friend has a small heather plant. She wants to know if it is an indoor or outdoor plant? 080220121, Sandymount D 4, Posted: 08/02/2012


Some heathers are hardy and can be planted outdoors, some are not and can be killed by frost.

The more delicate ones generally have a finer, lighter structure.


Christmas cactus

My Christmas cactus completely failed to flower this winter. It budded, but the buds all fell off before opening. I have it in a north-facing window. Any ideas? liveen, Galway, Co Galway Posted: 04/03/2011


Christmas cactus sometimes drops its flower buds if there is a change in conditions, such as going dry, being moved to a brighter place or getting a touch of cold through the window on a cold night.


winter impact on foxtail ferns

I have two large foxtail ferns out in my garden for last two years. They appear to have died in the frost / snow. They have shed their needles and arms are now brown and brittle. Will they reshoot or are they gone. Was it mistake to plant them outside? garyw, galsthule, Co Dublin Posted: 07/04/2010


Foxtail fern is not really a fern ... it is Asparagus 'Myersii', a house plant and not hardy outdoors in Ireland. It is surprising that it was not killed inthe first winter.

It is possible that it will sprout again if the frost did not penetrate too deeply, but unlikely.


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