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PeaceLily leaves turning yellow

I have peace Lily for 25 years its leaves have started to turn yellow and die. Hugh P, Dungarvan, Co Waterford Posted: 18/12/2016

Something must be different...possibly watering.

Unless there are vine weevil grubs eating the roots as they often do with house plants. Turn out the pot carefully and have a look.

Pick them out if found and re-pot in clean compost.


Watering an Orchid

I got a present of an Orchid today. I don't know its name. It is in a plastic container and it looks to be set in bark. There seems to be about 3 rings of root at the bottom. Since its bark, the water will just run through. How do I know when and how much water to to give it? Della, Leixlip, Co Kildare Posted: 24/06/2015

The compost is made deliberately very porous to allow water to run through.

Just moisten the compost from time to time allowing the excess water to run off into the sink or saucer but do not allow the roots to stand in water for more than a couple of hours.


Worms in compost

I potted up some houseplants in peat free compost last year. Now I can see tiny worms round the base of the pots, obviously coming out of the compost. Is there a way to get rid of them? I really don't like having worms crawling around the floor! larry, dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 24/01/2012


The present of tiny worms is an indicator that the compost has been too wet. Allow it to dry for a couple of weeks so that the surface is almost dry to touch and do no water so much in future.

  Indoor Cheese plant

Indoor Cheese plant

I have a beautiful Cheese plant approx 4ft high and for the past few years grew leaves every day - it was so healthy. It is in a bright room, no direct sun but nicely warm and this week it has lost approx 4 leaves each day. Should I withhold water (its quite dry). Also have some Ficus that supposedly like water, should I stop for the winter. They are very healthy and in a nice bright room and nicely warm. TessL, Courtown Harbour, Co Wexford Posted: 20/12/2011


If you have aq plant that has grown well for some years, and is now in trouble, you have to think what change of care you have made. Or what might have happened that caused it to do badly.

This could be a change of position, feeding, light or wafering.

It should not be too dry but not wet either, just barely moist, even slightly dry on the surface of the compost. No feeding until April and only if it perks up in the meantime.


Swiss cheese plant

I have a healthy Swiss cheese plant, but the leaves have started weeping. Looks like little drops of water, but when it falls on my wooden floor it leaves a permanent stain. I know the leaves are poisonous and I have a cat. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? larry, dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 15/08/2011


This is called guttation, drops of water fall from the tips of the leaves.

It is usually due to too much water in the compost. Ease back on watering.


Plant query

I have a house plant and I slowly seem to be killing it but I cannot research how to feed it as I do not lknow its name (it was a present). I hope my description will help you figure out what it is. Plant is 1 foot tall with red/maroon leaves that rise upwards and encircle each other. It is then surrounded by long green leaves that surround it in an upright manner (but are now seriously drooping). The red flowered leaves are now turning brown at the top as if they have been left in the sun without water but it has actually been inside and watered at least once a week. Can you let me know if you can figure it out? mistinguett, , Co Galway Posted: 11/10/2010


This sounds like an earth star, or other kind of bromeliad. These have a rosette of leaves and a flower spike in the middle. The flower eventually fades and theplant is often thrown out, but it can be kept to flower again.

Cut away the flower spike when it begins to wither, Water the plant by keeping some water in the central rosette. Side-shoots may be produced and these will form new rosettes and in time these will flower.

Feed with half-strength houseplant liquid food every two weeks from April to September. Give the plant good bright light at all times but not direct sunshine. 


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