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2nd yr amaryllis not showing flower shoots

my amaryllis bulbs have started to grow. only green leaves,no sign of a flower shoot. they have been dormant up to now. one new one is in full bloom. mollser, Leixlip, Co Kildare Posted: 04/02/2012


The bulb probably did not grow large enough to make a flower, which is a sizeable effort.

Keep it in a sunny spot, feed it every two weeks and keep it just nicely moist, not wet or standing in water.

  cactus plants

cactus plants

I attach this cactus plant which has four different growths. At the tip of it the colour is a light brown and looks a bit like mould. Can you enlighten me as to what it is and if the plant is dying? I put in into a bigger pot last year and this is the first time in a few years that it is producing a flower. Can you also tell me what I should feed these plants with? Thanks Rathgar, , Co Dublin Posted: 18/07/2011


This looks like some form of Opuntia or prickly pear.

The top of the plant looks like it have withered back a bit due to general stress, not enough light maybe.

There is a bud to one side that might be a flower or another stem.

Cactus should be well watered from April to September, fed with liquid feed every three weeks during that time, but kept almost dry, but not quite dry, during the other part of the year. They need good light at all times. 



Will amaryllis flower again?

I was given a lovely Amaryllis at Christmas, pale pink and white, two flowers emerged. Please advise if it will flower again or is it just a 'once off'. 050920103, dundalk, Co Louth Posted: 05/09/2010


If an amaryllis, or hippeastrum, is placed on a sunny window sill indoors or in a conservatory, and kept nicely moist and fed with a liquid feed every two weeks, it will flower again.

  Problem with a beloved geranium

Problem with a beloved geranium

I have a beautiful red geranium in my conservatory which has been in flower for 5-6 years continuously. However the leaves have recently become pale and veiny. Can you advise what to do? Please! Harpie, Castleconnell, Co Limerick Posted: 15/08/2010


It is probably a little hungry, perhaps deficient in magnesium. Use a complete liquid feed, such as Miracle gorw or Phostrogen.


Amaryllis not flowering

I got some Amaryllis last year which flowered beautifully. When the leaves died off I cut them to just above the top of the bulb and put them in a brown paper back to rest. I have replanted them now as the leaves started to grow, there is no sign of any flowers on them yet but the leaves are huge. Is this normal? suek, Rathwire, Co Westmeath Posted: 31/08/2009


Amaryllis or hippeastrum needs lots of feeding right through the summer after flowering. It needs bright light, sunshine, plenty of moisture.

All this is necessary to build up the plant's resources do that is can make a large flower again. Otherwise it can take two or three years to build up to flowering size again.


banana skins, tea bags and egg shells

Can you explain why my late mother always used tea to water her geraniums. She also infused banana skins for her roses and used the water from boiled eggs to water foliage plants Does this work, I wonder why? frankiea, Celbridge,, Co Kildare Posted: 02/05/2009


Tea is made of leaves and the juice of leaves has a certain amount of nitrogen and other nutrients. It tends to make leafy gorwth however and it not ideal for geraniums, which do better with high potash feeds.

Banana skins have some potash and boiled-eggs water also has some nitrogen but tiny amoounts. But no ham in recycling the water rather than waste it. All of these 'feeds' would have a small beneficial effect, the tea being the most powerful of them.


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