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House Plants : Pests and Diseases

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Slugs in pot plants

Many thanks on your advice on preventing slugs from getting into my pot plants in the greenhouse. However any advice on removing or getting rid of slugs already present. I have been resting my Christmas cactus outdoors and will be bringing it in shortly please help me get rid of any potential slug infestation of my house !! Many Thanks Pauline Byrne 091020161, , Co Wexford Posted: 14/10/2016

Take the plants out of their pots, check for slugs and re-insert in the pot.

  Is my ivy dying?

Is my ivy dying?

i keep finding this white stuff on dead plants in my indoor garden. Is that what is killing my plants? Please see photo attached itsblacky, Clonakilty, Co Cork Posted: 10/06/2015

The photo is foggy, but it looks like mealy bugs. These do not directly kill plants but leaves are shed more quickly than naturally.
Take the lot outdoors and apply thoroughly a house plant insecticide, leave them for a few hours and take back inside.


Aphids or mites on Philodendron Xanadu.

I moved the Philodendron Xanadu to the front porch of my house which is enclosed and it is doing much better and I will move it indoors completely soon. It gets tiny aphids mainly on the back of the leaves. I have sprayed it with a house plant pest spray containing fatty acids its (been in the garage a long time perhaps it's gone off.")as they seem to keep coming back. Can you reccommend a treatment please? Jetstar, navan, Co Meath Posted: 22/09/2011


Its just one plant and the best answer is probably to just wipe off the greenlfies from the young shoots and leaves.

Be careful with fatty acids on house plants as they can cause scorching in dry arri, warm air and sunshine.


White fly

I have a Parrot Plant (indoor) it is infested with white fly .I have sprayed continually and even washed each leaf and stem with the spray but no avail . Its still infected and even the floor around it gets sticky .what causes white fly and how can I get rid of it. lizdurk, broadford, Co Kildare Posted: 15/06/2011


This is probably greenfly rather that white fly. Green fly leave white skins when the grow, which looks like white fly, whereas white fly fly out of a plant when it is lightly touched.

Take the plant outdoor and spray with a house plant insecticide in a shady place. Take it indoors after a few hours.


small like beetle in house plants

A small beetle is killing of a house plant, can you suggest a treatment after re-potting with new fresh compost. ANGIE, ROUNDWOOD, Co Wicklow Posted: 11/05/2011


Vine weevils can attack house plants. Usually the damage to leaves is just some U-shaped notches but the larvae cvan damage roots.

You do not need to re-pot, simply treat all your house palnts, and plants in the greenhouse also, f you have one, with Nemasys, a bio-control available from Mr Middleton, which is watered on as a solution.


Problem with Vine Weevil indoors

I've got vine weevil in my indoor pot plants. I've seen some adults & got rid of them. What can I use to control them? I've got a lot of indoor plants & don't want to throw them out especially a Ficus that I've had for 10 years. Would it be best to repot everything & use the nematodes in case any larve remain or to use a chemical control. KateM, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 06/05/2011


Vine weevils can walk in through open windows and lay eggs in house plant pots. If you think they are present, you can use the nematode control, Nemasys, watering it on.

It is good practice to use half garden soil and half compost when repotting house plants.


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