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Feeding cucumbers

I am growing cucumbers in my greenhouse. When should I start feeding them ? ..largest ones are 2/3 inches long. Itziar, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 14/06/2017

Feed from now on...each week or ten days with a tomato food as on the packet. Little and often.

  What is this veg?

What is this veg?

My dad grew this plant in a glasshouse this summer assuming he had courgette seeds, any idea what they are? Grafeldies, Ladysbridge, Co Cork Posted: 02/09/2015

Hard to say exactly but it is in the cucumber family, as courgettes are, and it is possibly some form of cucumber or gourd if the skin is hard.

Seeds get mixed up in packets all the time. Examine the catalogue from the seed supplier of the courgette seeds, and see if this plant was listed. It is usually a straight swap.


Cucumber problems

I have problems with my greenhouse container grown (from seed) cucumbers. The plants sort of shriveled up when transplanted from the seed tray and while not dead are very sick looking, mottled crisp leaves and very slow growth. I had this trouble last year as well so this year tried using growbags but the problem has recurred. A plant I bought from a garden centre has thrived, healthy leaves and lots of flowers but the fruit are growing to about 1 inch and stopping there. Themasie, HOWTH, Co Dublin Posted: 04/08/2011


The transplanted plants sound like they suffered a setback on being moved. Try raising the seeds in small pots rather than a tray and there will be less root disruption.

The one that is growing but not making fruit is proably growing too vigorously. Cucumber is not pollinated, so that is not the problem. Reduce watering to see if that reduces vigour and induces cropping.

Resume balanced watering when some fruit begins to form.


cucumber how to grow

When growing cucumbers about the male and female flower do i need to pllinate them and also do i cut off the male after pollenation or just leave it? and what way is best to grow them as i have 2 plants and they are about to get flowers and they are very healthy only thing is they are in a small pot together in manure and i dont know what to do next many many thanks Daniel xcitin121, Limerick, Co Limerick Posted: 02/06/2011


Cucumbers are practically all female plants and can produce fruit without pollination. In fact, pollination can make the cucumbers taste bitter.

The tow plants should have been separated when just a few cenitmetres tall, but should be kept in the same pot or in the open ground toghether now.

They are far better in the open soil of the greenhouse, with plenty of watering and feeding each two weeks. 



Mushroom flies

All of my indoor plants are infested with tiny flies in the compost. They really are becoming unbearable as they can be found all over the house. Fairly sure they are mushroom flies as I can see the larvae in the compost. I know that keeping soil dry might help but I have cucumber,chilli and squash that need regular water. Had the same problem last year. Have tried spraying with general bug repellent but no good. Is there anything I can use to get rid of these horrible pests? larry, dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 24/08/2009


This sounds like musroom flies alright, the larvae of which feed in the compost. They need the compost to be constantly wet and if you let it dry a little, they will not be a problem.

Try to keep the pots moist but not wet and allow the compost to dry, without the plants wilting, but almost to the point of wilting. Just occasionally.

It is not necessary to keep cucumber, chilli and squash that wet.

  Growing Cucumber

Growing Cucumber

We are trying to grow cucumbers for the first time. It is presently in a pot -but will need support soon!! Is it warm enough to grow cucumbers outside here. Our veg plot is raised - at a sunny wall and fairly well sheltered. No greenhouse- would have to be inside if not. Monkells, Kells, Co Meath Posted: 04/07/2009


Indoor varieties of cucumbers are grown in a greenhouse, or possibly a cold frame. Otudoor ridge cucumbers can be grown outdoors. Neither kind is frost hardy and the ridge cucumbers can only be planted out after the end of May.

You could chance it on the sunny wall or keep it in the brightest place indoors. Also it will need a bigger pot soon if it is to make enough growth to make cucumbers.



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