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Posted 05/04/2013 Hi i know ive only just joined the forum but i feel we need a daily "what have you done today sort of thread, one that lets us talk to each other about any gardening daily subjects without going onto one topic, a sort of over the garden fence type thing.
If you look through the verious threads you'll see very little in the way of contact, most of the bloggs are over 6 months old and the people who put them on have given up, and to be honest we do need more interaction ref people talking to people,
I understand this is a garden forum "but" gardeners are 9 out of 10 wanting to share their hobby and by getting to know who your talking with on a regular basis is a friendly thing.
To sum up what im trying to say "the winter's been very cold"
lets not have a forum to match it.
Co Cavan

Posted 05/04/2013 Hi France, I see that sort of thing on other forums and it works really well.

I agree that it would be good for there to be a lot more contact on here,
Posted 06/04/2013 Hello Darwin,
Thanks for your support,
How do we go about putting this idea to those who can give the thought a bit of thought?
Co Dublin
Posted 06/04/2013 Hi if you look in the section Garden.ie club you will find lots of activity and interesting journals lots of people use this part of the site and meet up for get together s and garden visits. Take a look and see what you think
Posted 06/04/2013 Hello Jackie,
Hope your well and it's nice of you to reply to my comments ref day to day needed,

Jackie, the forum is back to front, "what i mean is" when you join your faced with verious windows to look at but "Not" one thats saying we are here to talk to, take any of the listed topics, ie veg, I feel that nobody is looking after this thread because we have stuff on there from ages ago, nobody has given thought to what this looks like to new comers,

When you do join apart from one or two members saying welcome (and thats really nice) nobody takes it any further, it's like the stranger standing in the corner at a house party,

A good well run forum should be trying to make members be part of it,
If you or anyone else thats keen to know what im saying ?"Have a read through some of these topics on the first things a new member would see! And you'll understand what im talking about.
I feel ive opened a can of worms by pointing out what i have pointed out and after 35yrs of gardening did feel i had a lot to offer both the "new to gardening" and those who have been gardening for years "but may not have any skills for the simple things such as garden machine servicing "A subject not covered by a lot of forums because of companies adds ref machine makes & sales,etc"
But these days just about every household has some form of machine that is so simple to service if shown how to do it, even common grass cutting via ride-on-mowers can cause the lawn to have white marks on it after cutting, its not a case of the mower needs an expert to sort this fault out,
it's knowing through experience why this has happend.

(tyre needs air on one side of the mower)

I feel i'd be better coming away from this forum as i dont wont to be the one to give an impression of trouble causer, so i'll back off and leave it at that.
Once again Jackie thanks for you reply.
Regards France
Co Dublin
Posted 06/04/2013 Hi France

Before you leave the site/forum...have you taken a look at the Garden.ie Club section?.....Im not too familiar with the 'CHAT' forum as when I joined I just used the Club section.

Here you can ask any question you like and there are lots of expert gardeners there that will help you out. Also did you make contact through the Contact US section with anyone? I think maybe you should. If you feel that its here ie, CHAT that you want to be then maybe ask in the Contact Section and see what the reply.

Otherwise I would strongly recommend that you come over to the Garden.ie Club and see for yourself the marvellous people that are on there. Ive only been active on it since January 2013 and Im addicted. Ive learned so much about gardening. People post photos and daily journals of what they have been up to. They can ask questions or whatever they want to ask and someone will always be on hand to give a reply.

Also there are regular get togethers and garden visits that are attended by many of the gardeners on there. I met with two only last week in the National Botanic Gardens.  They are all so welcoming.

So on that note, before you head off and not bother...do give it a try and see what you think. You posted there this morning and there have been a couple of answers also. Then if you feel this isnt for you fair enough. But please give it a try you will be made most welcome.


Co Tipperary

Posted 29/04/2013 It does take a little while to get used to the site and the garden.ie club. A "chat" forum a little easier to use would be nice. Overall I enjoy the various topics and discussions though.
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