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Jackie's Garden

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Jackie's Garden

Jackie's Garden

These pictures were taken in our old house, we moved out  in Dec 2012 to a house that has a garden about 6 times the size of this one. I absolutely LOVED this garden. It was the size of a stamp but it had everything in it. I loved all the colour. I love hanging baskets, lots of colour in the garden. I would grow anything and get great enjoyment from it. It was so compact too. We had two pergola's.....I had lots of different clematis growing up them. I love Clematis Montana Rubens...as its a wonderful clematis for coverage and it grows so fast. I will have to get some for my new garden. Its a daunting prospect trying to figure out what to do and I worry I wont get the same pleasure that I did with my old compact little garden. But time will tell!


Snowy days 2018

03 March 2018 17:32:30

Yes it came and it went and look what it left behind!

The Beast from the East met Storm Emma and they had a right shindig!

Snow, Snow and lots more snow! I thought at one stage will it ever be over. Snowed here again today up to about 1.30pm......then Jimmy went out to try and clear the driveway so that we could get the car out. So he did that and almost broke his back with all that drifted snow. Only shifted it to another spot that will have to be done tomorrow to get his van out! 

Thankfully we all survived and kept each other company. Took the dogs out a few days and they loved playing in the snow. Cant see anything only white in the garden so dont know how my plants are doing. Although looking at the back wall my Solanium and Honeysuckle are looking very sad indeed.

But Im sure in a few more days this will be a distant memory and we can all get back to doing what we love most....gardening....and I cant wait. Gardeners World starts on Friday so bring it on!!!

Just a few photos !

Jacinta D Jacinta D 03 March 2018 17:43:20

Mad weather. Really seriously deep drifts all around both gardens.

Roll on summer!!!

fraoch fraoch 03 March 2018 18:40:54

Gosh, you have seriously deep snow there. I think we all have cabin fever at this stage.

Dick Dick 03 March 2018 19:24:40

Interesting photos there Jackie. The thaw set in early to day and I was able to take the car out for the first time since Tuesday. By mid day there was little ot no snow here.

roofy roofy 03 March 2018 19:45:35

Gidday Jackie,you,ll be glad to see the back end of the storm.Trust the majority of the garden survives. 

JoanG JoanG 03 March 2018 22:12:20

Yes, we've had a lot more snow in Dublin than I can ever remember. It started to thaw very slightly this afternoon so fingers crossed that continues tomorrow.  A slow thaw might be better for our precious plants, though I'm dreading what losses I might find when it's all gone. But most importantly, we were all safe. 

Jackie Jackie 04 March 2018 09:00:19

Definitely a thaw now and I can actually see some greenery around. Plus the birds are out and about again! Hoping by the end of today there will be lots more gone, although looking out at the garden its packed still, but the roads are clearing which will be good for those working tomorrow and schools reopening!........

Roll on Spring!

Michele Maria Michele Maria 05 March 2018 09:17:25

It is beautiful for a day or two.The clean up is not simple though.


Jacinta D Jacinta D 26 September 2018 07:55:49

Hi Jackie. I can only see two photos of the album September 2018 that you posted.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 26 September 2018 07:56:39

And guess what? They're sideways.  Grrr!!!

A real beauty!

23 February 2018 07:33:22

I put this up on Facebook and the response was amazing......

This Hellebore was bought in Lidl a few years ago. And every year it comes back and shows off its beauty. I havent done anything to it just let it do its own thing. 

The strange thing is that when I bought some in Johnstown at 20euro each!....I bought 5......only one has come back and Im just raging. This Hellebore cost me about 4 euro and look at it now.....and I have a few other ones which are darker in colour and they are looking great too! 

Amazing Value

Dick Dick 23 February 2018 08:55:33

A beauty really Jackie

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 23 February 2018 14:48:47

It is a real beauty, Jackie, so clean and pure white. They had some in Lidl yesterday, but all in bud, so will pop in during the week to see if any have opened. Don't think there will be much sale on them if not in flower.

TerriShoos TerriShoos 24 February 2018 12:23:27

Worth a look in Lidl on my way to Ballinasloe I think all the same. I agree, my Lidl ones have done much better than garden centre ones. A more vigorous strain I should think. 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 24 February 2018 20:10:13

I have that one too! IT got really bad black spot last year but I cut off all the leaves and it is much better this year! I agree that the lidl cheapo helebores seem to be much hardier than the more expensive specimens although I have had success with one I got in Altamont - it even self-seeded and the seedlings came true well, more or less! It is  a very dark one and the siblings are also dark in colour.

JoanG JoanG 24 February 2018 21:17:05

That is a gorgeous one Jackie!  I too have found that the hellebores I bought from Lidl are doing really well after a couple of years.  Went to both my local Lidl's this week, as I want to get a white hellebore to replace one I lost, but neither branch has any :-(

Jackie Jackie 26 February 2018 08:15:44

Sorry for delay in replying....I am not getting any emails now at all which is really frustrating!

I was back in Lidl on Friday and found a few nice ones, those dark reds and purples too. Joan I will be popping in again at some stage either today or tomorrow and If I spot a white one I will pick it up for you!

What a beautiful few days!

20 February 2018 07:28:15

Well we are being spoiled these past two days with some beautiful weather.

Sunday was really lovely, mild and sunny. Did a bit of tidying around while Jimmy started on some stone work!, photos will come in time!

Yesterday started off dull and damp but by the afternoon it turned into another beautiful day and I had an hour to spare in the garden. Still picking up leaves here and there and tidying around. Did some weeding as I have lots of Forget-me-nots seeded, which I love but in the right place! Noticed lots of growth now in the garden. Bulbs peeping up through the soil. And the perennials are making a comeback too.......so exciting!

My Tree Fern has survived so far and I took off the top layer of protection to let it breathe again. The fronds are looking quite healthy still so hopefully the worst of the cold weather is over, although there is word of snow next week, lets hope that passes us over!

Its just great to get out and start planning the year ahead. It really lifts the spirits to be out and about and enjoying some sunshine again. Hope you all had a chance at some stage to do the same. 

Just a few pictures of the garden as its looking now, the grass is looking a bit bedraggled from the 3 dogs but it will improve in time! I love all the snowdrops and daffs coming into flower and the Hellebores adding that real touch of beauty.

LindaB LindaB 20 February 2018 11:30:01

Absolutely gorgeous, I even got out for an hour at lunchtime myself yesterday.  I think it is due to be very cold next week so keep your Tree Fern wrapped up for a bit longer!

Dick Dick 20 February 2018 12:08:40

Looking great Jackie. Yesterday was a real spring day here with temperature of 14 C. In the town the thermometer in the car read 15. It semed more like April. However as you said cold weather seems to be on the way. I got at the rose beds yesterday and removed most of the cuttings from bed No 1, then with the Dutch hoe I got at the weeds. More sunshine here to day but a bit cooler.

Jackie Jackie 20 February 2018 18:33:15

Thank you Linda and Dick.....yes another fantastic day today again. Even nicer I think than yesterday. I actually wrapped the Tree Fern again this evening as it does look like that cold snap will hit us next week....hopefully they have that wrong! But its lovely to feel that the Winter is almost behind us and Summer to look forward to!

JoanG JoanG 20 February 2018 21:23:03

Your garden is looking lovely Jackie and that's a nice decorative trellis in photo one. Yes, it's so nice to see sunshine again and I had all afternoon to spend gardening today.  Cut back Miscanthus, tidied other grasses, potted on a few cuttings in the greenhouse and did a general tidy up outside.  It was a joy to be out there. 

Jackie Jackie 21 February 2018 07:38:27

Thanks Joan.....that little trellis I got in Dealz a couple of years ago and it just edges the path I have running up to the greenhouse. Its doing its job for now, not sure how much longer though......the dog uses it as a practice run for showjumping lol

Yes yesterday was amazing and as you say such a job to be outside. Im glad you got the time too!

fraoch fraoch 21 February 2018 20:53:54

Your garden is looking terrific, Jackie. It’s been lovely here since Monday and I’ve been doing lots of weeding, cutting back etc. Did a short spin on the bike on Monday, first sin last summer, and went for a walk today with a couple of friends. Long may this weather last!

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 21 February 2018 23:30:37

Garden showing all your hard work! I love how the borders look so neat this time of year with all the plants clearly defined and then in a few months there isn't a spot of bare soil to be seen!

Jackie Jackie 23 February 2018 07:23:33

Thank you Heather and Hazel........Its been fantastic weather Heather and so nice to be able to get out and about......I just hope next week wont kill off all the new growth!

Hazel I was out in the garden for a few minutes yesterday with the little ladies and they were fascinated how all the plants had disappeared. I tried to explain that they too will be back in no time and you wont be able to see the walls! Its hard to imagine all that growth but the excitement is building all the same!

Hellebore delight!

15 February 2018 07:26:39

There is nothing better than to see the beautiful colours of the Hellebores in the garden at this time of year. Mind you mine are not bulking up as much as they should but they do look fantastic.

Here is a little flavour of the Hellebores in flower at the moment!

Also while I was pottering around in the greenhouse yesterday for a little while I came across this tiny Pulmonaria Ocupol....with its tiny blue flower....cant remember when I got it but I must plant that out today!

Hope you all have a lovely day whatever you do!

JoanG JoanG 15 February 2018 19:09:13

A gorgeous selection of Hellebores, Jackie, and the little Pulmonaria is a delight, love the pale blue.  My hellebores seem a bit slow this year and I'm wondering if the cold weather we've had lately has put a temporary halt to their flowering.  Will be out with the camera as soon as the rest of them appear! 

Jackie Jackie 15 February 2018 19:11:53

Joan when I see others and their Hellebores are looking so full and lush I do wonder what I am doing wrong! Mine are very scarce looking with maybe a flower or two, if Im lucky, on each one. Yes they do look great but I do with I had lots more blooms on each plant!!! Maybe I need a few more years of looking after them before they reward me properly!


TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 15 February 2018 19:12:48

Those helebores are beautiful! I find that removing the leaves as soon as the flowers start to open seems to be helping mine to bulk up. I also spotted a little pulmonaria today in the garden - I had left a seedling to give to Ciara this year. It is a seedling of the one with the two-tone flowers and has produced a pure pink flower!

Dick Dick 15 February 2018 23:17:23

Beautiful Hellebores, Jackie. I don't see how people can complain. Mine have not come to anything.

fraoch fraoch 16 February 2018 12:00:42

The only thing I do with mine is remove the old leaves and they sem to be doing fine. Some are small but they are self seeded and take a good few years to develop. You have a lovely selection.

Jackie Jackie 16 February 2018 19:00:05

I also take off all the leaves too , so that you can see the flowers. But this year the ones from Lidl are far more ahead than the expensive ones I bought in Johnstown for €20 each last year! Not cheap......so wont be doing that again. Stick with the cheaper ones and they are just as nice, if not nicer! Dick maybe yours will come up in time...it is still early!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 17 February 2018 23:07:59

Jackie, I think it is the way that some are micro propagated, but also if you put a mulch on top of them they don't like it, best to mulch around them. They are long lived plants so they should thrive in our gardens.  I have a dreadful looking Helleborus 'Anna's Red ' which was fine for the last two years, but this year a different story. 

Jackie Jackie 20 February 2018 07:50:22

Thanks Mary I will keep that in mind about the mulch......they are looking a bit better since the weather improved over the past few days!

Airfield Estate Dundrum

13 February 2018 08:31:00

Well who would have thought that such a beautiful place existed on our own doorsteps!

Last week Margie asked me if I would like to go to Airfield Estate. Now to be honest I had absolutely no idea where she was talking about and of course I thought it was somewhere further afield. But in fact it is across from the Dundrum Shopping Centre!

It was last Wednesday and a bitterly cold day. I got there a bit earlier and walked around the grounds. Im sure when the weather improves and there is more growth it will be just a great place to visit. It has beautiful laid out gardens, a farm, little cafes and a restaurant, a beautiful house which at present is being restored and lots and lots of different walks. Im hoping to bring the grandchildren here someday when its much warmer!

We went inside for a cuppa to heat up as it was so cold and then of course the usual retail therapy in Howbert & Mays garden shop just to the side of the entrance. We had a little look around as the wind would just cut you in two it was that cold! Seriously!!

I bought a few little Primula and Margie picked a few plants too. It was a really enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. 

Unfortunately I cant put up an album to show you how beautiful it is, I did put some up on FB if anyone wanted to have a look there. But here is a photo of the house and one of the many areas....plus my little purchases ;)

Joann Joann 13 February 2018 23:22:32

Looks nice Jackie, probably much nicer when the sun is shining and no artic conditions!!

Jackie Jackie 14 February 2018 07:14:40

Yes definitely Joann! :)


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