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11 February 2016 18:15:18

was over there for a few days and took note of some of the trees and plantings which are always beautiful,    here are some ideas i picked up

Jacinta D Jacinta D 11 February 2016 19:54:29

Lovely. That was a nice break for you. Hope you're ready and waitng to get some gardening done now once the weather improves.

fraoch fraoch 11 February 2016 20:26:45

Paris is always lovely!

Kate & Graham Kate & Graham 11 February 2016 22:06:58

We are going over this weekend for the rugby ..and of course the romance :)  will keep an eye on the planting as well ........

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 12 February 2016 00:13:27

Lucky woman to have had a few days in Paris.

Kate have a great weekend and enjoy the rugby.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 12 February 2016 04:06:16

Nice one, Kate. Enjoy. Hope the headcold is much better.

Kate & Graham Kate & Graham 12 February 2016 06:39:53

 Almost gone Jacinta, I think it would take more than a headcold to stop me enjoying this weekend..... Happy Valentine's weekend to all  Garden ie'rs :)

5 feb 2016

05 February 2016 19:26:23

well gardening here has got under way.    put in pergola and bought two roses, albertine and dublin bay climber to to up there...............also got chicken wire and next fine day that goes up     have a new magnolia with buds on it and thats gone in too.    next must attack the glasshouse as the vines are all over the place.    got good hardware in england to tie them up.    have daffodils out and hermacallis so things are brightening up.............some hope......

Jacinta D Jacinta D 05 February 2016 19:58:27

It sounds like you have everything well-planned. All we need now is a bit of fine weather.

THURSDAY 21st jan

21 January 2016 15:35:39

hurrah, first two daffodils out..........such hope


as growing against the neighbours fence would cause trouble, i am going to go with the pergola,  i see them over in woodies cork and then could plant a rambling rose which one? anyone.............i already have celebration, which is lovely but somehow i am never very successful with roses.   i really would like to rake the gravel today to get rid of weeds before they start but the day is not good.

my new white hydrangea lacecap has flowered all winter in the glasshouse.  the bed of parsley is still good but the mint (which i grow in a tyre) is becomming dilapitated.i will probably cut it down later on but am still hanging on to whats left of it.

my hellebores are becomming to flower.    would love to have more of a canopy in the garden......any ideas on small trees with a spreading canopy?

i have decided not to plant any seeds  this year, will buy in the plants if i want them i.e; lettuce.   i have two grapes in the glasshouse, one black and the other green    they are great, and dont require much care at all and then when the fruit comes out, its lovely to pick a bunch.    i always have a glut and wonder how to use it up?   

no more news now

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 21 January 2016 15:52:03

Magnolia make a nice canopy and they flower early in the year and have nice colour in the autumn.They would like a little shelter, but if you have other houses around you their gardens may provide a little shelter. Cork has a nice mild climate so frost should not be a problem for you. Malus (crabapple) also makes a lovely tree, blossom and fruit.

PCON PCON 21 January 2016 16:45:13

Hi Begonia, why not a couple of gallons of wine? What variety are the vines, and when do they ripen?

Jackie Jackie 21 January 2016 19:58:17

Mary has some lovely ideas there. Those grapes sound delicious too!

Greta Greta 21 January 2016 20:57:53

I would like Maples and Cercus if you had a fair bit of room.The grapes sound simply delicious.

fran m fran m 21 January 2016 21:24:24

Like the sound of Wine ;)

Fleurette Fleurette 21 January 2016 21:37:37

Hi Begonia!  The best canopied tree in my garden is a magnolia soulangeana Susan.  It has a good canopy, but I do find that the leaf drop in late Autumn is a bit of a nuisance as the leaves are thick and leathery. However, unlike all the advice in the books, it stands up very well to the mainly SW wind and all the wet of the north coast. And it flowers very well indeed. 

Dick Dick 21 January 2016 22:50:03

Welcome begonia. Grapes can be great in the greenhouse. I have one vine and it produces grapes quite early.

planning ahead

18 January 2016 16:40:42

today I am considering what to take out or what to put it.

i have a new medium sized weeping birch which should go to 15 or 20 ft.

also have two new hydrangeas, one is a white lacecap and the other is pink with oak leaves.

a timber panel fence is between me and my neighbour and I cannot gtow anything much near it.    I was thinking of either putting an iron           just inside the fence on which i could grow some climbers roses and also give me some privacy OR ELSE put in some trellis.     the first proposition seems the easiest for my age group and maintenance...........any advice anyone?

this garden faces east and is difficult to cosy up.   when i go to the seaside i always try and bring home some seaweek ............it nourises up everything.    i also have a compost heap going and rarely have to buy any stuff.

Jackie Jackie 18 January 2016 18:57:36

HI Begonia and welcome to the site!

They are beautiful photos you have uploaded there. I love the snowy garden. I have had an iron obelisk, which I bought in Aldi, two in fact, and I use them in the garden for Sweet Pea to clamber up! So I do think they are a good addition to the garden. When you say you cant grow anything near the panel is that because you dont want to grow anything along it, or attach to it! I think as long as the climber stays on your side it should be no problem, unless of course your neighbours thinks otherwise . I have a Clematis Montana on my wall between us and my neighbour and I just train it to stay on  my side as much as I can.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 18 January 2016 19:22:27

Hi Begonia. Lovely photos that you have posted. Yes, I reckon that fence certainly does need a bit of privacy. And definitely low-maintenance is the way to go.

You are very welcome to the site.

fraoch fraoch 18 January 2016 20:04:20

Lovely to see the Deirfearacha, 3 sisters, there, Begonia. Welcome to the site, hope to hear more from you.

PeterW PeterW 18 January 2016 20:36:49

Welcome to the site Begonia.

fran m fran m 18 January 2016 20:51:44

A big welcome from me also.

JoanG JoanG 20 January 2016 21:03:04

Welcome to the site Begonia, hope you enjoy it here.  Like Jackie, I'm not sure why you can't grow plants on your side of the panel but perhaps you don't want the bother of attaching wires or trellis to it.  Obelisk(s) or an arch sound like a good idea for roses, clematis, climbing annuals etc. 

Fleurette Fleurette 21 January 2016 23:26:15

Welcome, Begonia.  You have great verve and ideas about your garden and gardening. 

The only bit of advice I would give you is to position your weeping Birch judiciously so that it does not "weep " into the neighbours garden. .......!! Keep those beautiful branches in your own garden.  (Prevailing wind might have tombe taken note of)

Your third photo is stunning.  I heartily detest the common crocosmia Montbretia as it usually dumped in our ditches as a pest, but my goodness, those ginormous clumps in Dingle are absolutely magnificent.

begonia begonia 05 February 2016 18:54:04

many  thanks to all the people who welcomed me to the site and for their advice.

i have purchased a magnolia soulangea.........it is quite big and full of buds which will flower (hopefully) this spring.    i also got an arch which is quite steady, made of iron to take two new roses...one  albertine and the other the climbing dublin bay.

got some chicken wire to put over the pergola (which was remarkably cheap) but the weather has intervened.    i have to two grape vines in the little glasshouse and they are all over the place.    got a site in england where i was able to get all the equipment to tie them up and to fit in the glass house groves.    these are impossible to get here.i am not going to do seeds this year.........will buy the little plants instead and am not going to do tomatoes either.......too much trouble and tying one down if one wants to travel.


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