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Cloncaw's Journal

Cloncaw's Journal

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Trials and Tribulations

25 November 2011 11:17:22
Still Going In the November Sun.

Still Going In the November Sun.

I will be back but at the moment I just seem to be chasing my tail. Having recovered from the flu and got my voice back I was looking forward to getting some garden time when the weather was reasonable but it wasn't to be. Two weeks ago last night Caroline cut her hand when trying to prevent a glass from falling off the draining board and ended up with stitches in her left hand near her forefinger but with luck it was only going to be a couple of weeks and then back to normal. She had no feeling on one side of her finger so had to go to St James to have it checked out Tuesday last week arrived home Friday lunchtime hand in a splint having severed a nerve and partially severed two tendons requiring three months off work so as someone said the other day I'm having to double job not only teaching but having to look after the horses and tack up for lessons so time and energy is scarce by the time I get back in well after 9pm each night- but these are the trials and tribulations of life. Everyday I look at the garden and think how untidy it is, will have to make time to lift all the pots into the tunnel as I'd hate to lose plants that would succumb to harder frosts also need to finish planting bulbs, off  to do some work and then never know I might get a bit of time on what is a reasonable day at the moment. Have been checking in now and again to see what's going on but just cann't get into posting up comments hopefully I will be back soon.

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Clara Clara 25 November 2011 11:53:21

Ah! Geraldine you are so busy and hopefully all will be fine just do as much as you can without getting to tired dont mind about the garden,  just take in all you pots for safety , look after Caroline,  and sit back and relax  (I know if you can) but if Geraldine gets a relapse who will do all,  you are not a magician just thinking of you all ,keep calm .


Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 25 November 2011 12:48:23

Hi Geraldine so sorry to hear of Caroline's accident and hope her finger mends soon.

Don't worry, I am just in from the garden which looks quite awful!!  But I think that every year during the Winter  and just look forward to Spring when it will leap into life again. The poor plants do need a rest! Take care of yourself , that is top priority.

Rachel Rachel 25 November 2011 15:29:44

Poor old Caroline (not really old, but you know) and poor you too! It is always disturbing when an ordinary accident has such long reaching effects. I hope things ease soon and look forward to you being back.

PS Did you see the journal about our get-together on Sunday (I know, not your day) 8th January in Johnstown?

Dick Dick 25 November 2011 17:12:15

Sorry Geraldine to hear the bad news. They will tell you that it never rains but it pours. Please God you will recover before long from the 'flu. Looking forward to Caroline's recovery too. 

Michelle finn Michelle finn 25 November 2011 18:44:00

your are both going through the mill. think of ye and as clara said just bring in the stuff you dont want to loose and stick the bulbs in a few pots and leave it and that. it is too cold for you to be out for too long

Scrubber Scrubber 25 November 2011 19:11:41

Oh dear Oh Dear take a big collective virtual Hug from all of us! You deserve it. just out of Flu and into that. And another big collective hug for the Patient! All gardens are untidy and not looking their best now. I mean if Elizabeths looks awful, well than thats enough! Dont worry about comments. We can wait!

fran m fran m 25 November 2011 19:56:35

Get youselves sorted out first, the garden will be back to normal in no time when you do get at it. Take care and best wishes ;-))

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 25 November 2011 22:11:26

Poor Geraldine! You really are under pressure.  Take care of yourself and your patient.  I'm sure your garden will look wonderful on the Spring - a little bit of neglect often lets plants mature!!!!

Lìga Lìga 25 November 2011 22:54:32

Yes,from me too,agree with Peter,big hug.I'm sorry Geraldine,poor you and Caroline..Garden will be on same place all time,take easy after being sick,hope Caroline will be well soon. 

Moya Moya 25 November 2011 23:05:05

It is hard when things go pearshaped like that for a while and the activities that keep you sane (gardening for me anyhow) cannot be got to. Such a small accident to lead to such pain and complications.

I hope all will be well with both you and Caroline very soon.

I haven't got near the garden much myself due to other commitments and it is truely a mess as well. We will get to it eventually.

Take care.

Periwinkle Periwinkle 25 November 2011 23:09:17

Cloncaw, just pleased to see 'Something' from you!! Sorry things are so difficult for you at the moment, but you will catch-up with the garden in time and thankfully the weather is mild so plants will be able to survive. So not to worry about it! Just take care of yourself and I hope Caroline will soon be fine again and back to work.

Keego Keego 26 November 2011 19:15:11

Geraldine I Am sorry to hear about Caroline but thankfully with time and rest she will recover you must look after yourself and not be worrying about the garden - it will wait and hopfully we will have a mild winter and there will be no losses


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