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Joann's Journal

Joann's Journal

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Johnstown plants rehoming

11 January 2018 22:48:11


16 May 2016 23:47:47

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The weather has been fab for the last while so tipping away at garden when I get any chance at all. I got a few things planted today, mainly stuff which has been passed on from friends such as Dactylorhiza from Deborah, Rogersia and candleabra primulas from Helen and Tim at Knockpatrick gardens and snowdrops and daffodils from a local lady Mary Murphy. Lots more sitting in pots so hoping to do more over next few days.

I gave in to temptation and sprayed roundup on  the weeds, didn't use any last year but things got way out of control, had to try and get on top of them earlier this year, kids take up most of my time so weeding takes second place, so round up it is.

My first oriental poppy opened over a week ago, same day we got a new puppy, her name was Peggy on the ISPCA site but that is hard to shout over and over when she takes off running back the fields so changed it to Poppy, it rolls off the tongue much easier. She is a dote but a pure lunatic too, full of energy, the kids and other dogs are loving her.


Plant swop Terra Nova

03 June 2015 23:25:56

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had a quick look this evening and have a few bits looking for loving homes where they may have a chance of survival should our weather improve!!!

1 X Acanthus mollis (Hazel)

1 X small bit of a Nepeta (about 2 feet high and 3 wide when grown) (Linda)


the following are seedlings from seeds sown this year

1 X Rudbeckia Chocolate Orange (Margaret aka Hosta)

3 X Nicandra physalodes (Kathrin)

3 X white foxgloves (MaryB)

3 X Aster pom pom mixed

3 X Cleome Helen Campbell

3 X Nicotania sylvestris (Elizabeth)


homestore & more

30 January 2015 20:52:17

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Homestore & more have all garden pots and planters down to half price for February. Some nice colourful glazed pots and some charcoal coloured ones have caught my eye.

Sign up for their newsletter and you should get a code which you can use now before February even comes, they deliver too if you can't make it in to the shop.

just icluded some pics taken in Arley Hall, Cheshire in 2010

seed swops Johnstown

06 January 2015 19:13:24

Plant swops Johnstown

06 January 2015 19:06:38

plant/weed I.D.?

17 September 2014 09:45:19

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This plant appeared in a pot a few months ago, I have been watching with interest to see will it flower. First I thought it was Antriscus sylvestris but then it changed colour over time, the petioles are a lovely red shade. I thought for a while it was cow parsley but examined a few in a ditch and my specimen (!) is different. Maybe someone gave it to me in a plant swop and it is something really nice for my garden.........


Also included a pic of a tree fern I bought last week, it was a special one as you can see there is a tree house in it ha ha. (apologies for sideways pics)

Eupatorium Chocolate

16 September 2014 22:44:45

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These are pictures of my Eupatorium Chocolate, I thought those nobbly looking bits might be flower buds. Do your plants look the same? Hopefully it will flower for me, fingers crossed

Plant ID???

23 August 2014 00:23:45

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Hope you all enjoying the weather and getting loads done in the garden including lots of relaxing!!  I hope these pictures are OK, I had to take them with my daughters tablet and send to pc, gadgets and me are not a match made in heaven.

I have two pictures of plants that I would like a name for please, the first appeared seeded into a pot which has Lily of the Valley Hardwick Hall from Deborah, (sorry Deb, I know I know, it is still in the pot), it is pink with a dark pink inside, flower looks like an Antirrhinum (snapdragon) type thing but not sure what it is.

The second is a white daisy type flower, no idea where I got it at this stage but I think more than likely at a garden.ie swop, only planted recently and it is about a foot wide and less than a foot high, really like it so thanks whoever owned it before me.

Then just to fill the gap I included a picture of a newly replanted area on top of a bank, I dug it up and sprayed all the scutch grass off in the last few months, finished planting it last week finally, although I have lots of bulbs sitting in pots which will be planted there soon hopefully for spring colour

Weed killer & catch up

04 March 2014 23:20:58

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Can anyone tell me is it too early to spray weed killer? I am itching to get spraying on the areas I dug over and sprayed in the autumn but is it too early and cold yet to give it a second dose? I know lots of weeds seem to be growing at the moment such as hairy bittercress and daisys. The original problem was scutch grass which I couldnt control, it was growing up through everything so I salvaged what I could into pots, I will have to wash the roots of all these and remove the scutch roots before replanting.  

I pop in on a regular basis and keep up to date with lots of the journals, so I see how busy everyone is becoming with seed sowing ,potting on etc. I am getting excited when I see everything coming into growth so rapidly now and with a stretch in the evenings I just cant wait for my soil to dry a bit more so I can get stuck in. I have some things on the go all ready  (Tomatoes, annual Dahlias, Rhodochiton, Viola, and others) but because of our recent storms my glass house is missing about 15 panes of glass so I cant use that and my space indoors is limited. I am calling to Martin Begley in the morning for glass so hopefully by tomorrow evening my glass house will be useable again. (Fran will I give him your regards?) Also in the storms we had a flying trampoling which made clean sugar of our solid wood swing set, broke gutters and tiles in 3 parts of roof, went over house and landed out the front, it broke the three main branches of my Forest Pansy which alas will only ever be a bush now and not the tree I imagined it would be

 I cant seem to load photos so I have just included a few from last year just to cheer myself up!

1 book and a sad plant list for Johnstown.......

09 January 2014 23:02:39

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My contribution to the plant swop isn't great as I haven't had much time in the garden, I have a few bits and can dig up a few more, I will need to know by lunchtime Sat for anything that needs to be dug up, also I got a few plants sort of 'off the back of a lorry'..........

Book: The Curious Gardener---Anna Pavord,  I got this at last years gathering off Krista and now it is time to pass it on to a good home

Plants:  Acanthas mollis X 2

Oriental Poppy Orange X 2

White Anemone 'Honorine Joubert' can dig up a few bits

Angelica seedlings X 2 (I got this seed off Moya in Autumn)

a few pots of red stemmed dogwood

a good few pots of a tree which I am hoping is Horse Chestnut, if any one wants to take one or two and wait till the leaves appear it might be worth the wait,  (they are only about 2 feet or less at the moment)

Sisyrinchum 'Quaint and queer' (I think) X 1 Hosta

Polemonium Jacobs ladder X lots of seedlings

Evening Primrose X can pot up a few divisions

Seeds: I have lots of seeds in packets that came free with garden news magazine etc, I can split most of these into 2 or 3 portions ,  

Statice 'Special Mixed',  Coreopsis Be-Bop',  Honesty 'Purple and White Mixed',  Viola 'Comedy Mised F2',  Calendula 'Art Shades',  Dill,  Coriander 'Cilantro' (for leaf),  Lemon Balm,  Broad Bean 'Masterpiece Green Longpod' 

I also have seeds from Knockpatrick gardens in Foynes, they are old but I have had them in the fridge so they might work, Vestia Foetida, Flame Creeper, London Plane Tree

 OK I have figured out how to update this entry, I have lots of Teasel seedlings which will flower this year, they are a great huge plant and the birds love the seed heads in winter, seeds around like mad

3 pics 2013

04 December 2013 11:37:18

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I am joining in on the theme of looking back on our garden colour now that its definitely winter and the year is almost over. Most of my pics seem to be of individual flowers or plants but I picked out three that caught my eye. Roll on spring 2014

Quote of the day

04 December 2013 10:38:10

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I have a little calender which has a different gardener quote for each day, I love ripping off yesterdays sheet each morning so I can read what todays quote is, when I saw this one on Monday I said to myself (I often say things to myself you know!!!) that all you other gardeners will agree with it, it is by a wise woman Sydney Eddison

'Evidence of change is everywhere, in both garden and gardener.  We've been through a lot together.'    

Dhu Varren Garden Visit

27 July 2013 23:47:53

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I had the pleasure of visiting Dhu Varren garden in Milltown Co.Kerry today. Its a fantastic garden, unbelieviably just over 10 years old. The work that Mark and Laura have put into it is WOW. It is a real plants persons garden, the passion with which Mark showed us around, each plant in the perfect growing position for it and if it doesnt thrive then it is moved until the perfect growing spot is found. 

A beautiful Japanese tea house, bridges, ponds with gigantic koi carp, wooden walkways, mediterranean garden, bog gardens, cactus house, glass house with tender exotics, bamboos of every kind, the list could go on and on but I need to get to bed and I want to upload the pictures, although they dont do the garden justice at all.

If its herbaceous borders and neat edges and everyday plants you want to see dont come here, but if you want to (even just once) experience the unusual yet beautiful, if you want to feel the passion for plants, if you want to be transported abroad from south America to Asia to Australasia and every where in between then this garden is well worth a visit.

I will sign off now with the most important bit of all, what makes these visits so special is always the warm welcome from the hosts, we felt so welcome and at home it was like I knew Mark and Laura forever. The company was great today, thanks Bruno, Conrad, Margaret (Hosta), Ted K, My mom and dad Joan and Brendan tagged along too. We met Mark and Lauras friend Gerald (another modest exotic gardener in Myrtleville) who was a real character. 

Thanks all, time flies when we are having fun

anyone recognise this?

27 July 2013 23:14:22

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I have several of this little plant which I grew from two different lots of seed this year, I definitely got seed from Knockpatrick garden and not sure where the other came from, I just did a big clear out of my seed tin and sowed lots of stuff together.  

The seed leaves and the first couple of true leaves were round, then the leaves started to become very elongated, stringy almost. The flowers sort of remind me of antirrhinum, but the plant is quite small and wide, about 8 inches high and some of the plants have spread to about 10 or 12 inches wide.

Any suggestions? Thanks




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