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Rossion's Journal

Rossion's Journal

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Black Magic

09 June 2017 07:03:00
Black Magic

Black Magic

Thanks to people on this site, the old 'stinkhorn' has been reasigned it's proper (and very fitting!) name of 'Voodoo Lilly'. It really is a sinister looking plant! Its as tough as nails too and seems to adapt easily (at least around here!). Bulbs deposited (even randomly or without intent) produce freckled shoots, green leaves, and that imposing purple flower yearly. Infact, trying to get rid of it would possibly be a problem. The bulbs themselves are ill smelling and attract clouds of midges when unearthed. So I dont!

There are spiders and there are spiders....

07 June 2017 07:48:05
Red Death?

Red Death?

I wish I knew which! My three fruit trees are now home spiders- good! Just  common spiders as I know them, I presume they will keep the ants and aphids under control (yes- the gruesome activity of ants 'farming' aphids that I had only read about is played out before my eyes now!). I've also noticed hoverflies taking an interest in the trees which I be;ieve is good too. However, a fairly sudden flush of red spots on the leaves of the apple tree, and some discoloration on some fruit cause me concern now about the possibility of red spider-mite infestation. It may be just some kind of rust, but if it is likely to become a problem, i'll have to indentify it properly.

The spotted savious return!

06 June 2017 08:28:07

Fruitless triumph or tuber victory?- the slug wars

03 June 2017 06:37:35
Potato rising

Potato rising

It would appear ( I have'nt lifted them yet, so I won't jinx it by making a definite assertion) that i have gotten away with it visa-vie the potatoes and the troubled (and troubling) slug population. Not wishing to lead anyone astray from their own wisdom on this matter, I nevertheless believe that the coralling of the slugs into the plentiful compost heap ( i made a barrier of fennel and sprayed fennel tea around my plot and plants too, which only adds another possibility as to the sourse of my potatoes good fortune) has been a success. Whether it will prove an fools hope will be next years business!

'Stink Horn Plants'? I don't know-

01 June 2017 06:12:40

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

at each end of the plot in which grow the fruit trees and potatoes are these two, remarkably hardy, perennial and down-right strange plants. They were here when my family came 30 years ago and remain. They were at one stage identified as 'stinkhorn' but i am not sure. They certainly have an odour and i suspect they are infact, insectivorous. But I dont know. in these pictures the 'frond' (again i dont really know what to call them) is just opening for the summer. I dont particularily like them (the bulbs are very unsightly!) but they are there and that will remain.

New Slug Policy; Compost Haven

31 May 2017 06:39:48


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