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Liztai's Journal

Liztai's Journal

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Johnstown Thanks

13 January 2018 17:05:18
Johnstown Booty

Johnstown Booty

Just a quick thanks to Hazel and her team who organized a truly lovely day for us at Johnstown - and thanks also to Johnstown manager and staff who made us feel so welcome.

You can see in the image, that I got my fill of 'retail therapy', and now have to find mild enough weather to plant us my new treasures which include  Salvia Hot Lips (from Joann), as will as Saracocca ruscifolia and it's new pot. Concealed in the Johnstown bags are some Irish primroses. Sad to say, I got the news that these primroses are currently going out of production, so I hope the ones I got survive as I'm now classing them as 'precious'.

Great meeting you all



Johnstown plants

11 January 2018 16:44:07
Kitchen Gardening

Kitchen Gardening

It was bitter so I just rushed out, grabbed the plants and the oilcloth and tools, and rushed back in to get them ready for Saturday. Now I have to put them out again, poor things!

What I have is as follows:

1 x buddlea (V.large flowers) LindaB

2 x buddlea unknown colour

1 x bergenia might be Apple Blossom Joann

1 x zantedeschia (Easter Lily)

1 x vinca minor (dark wine flowers) includes passenger small oxalis yellow.

See you soon


Greetings - Belated Christmas, Early New Year

26 December 2017 12:18:00
Honesty Angel

Honesty Angel

Good day friends on a bright, but perishing St Stephen's Day.

Sorry I missed saying Happy Christmas, but I hope it was what you hoped it would be.

So now I wish you all the best in New Year 2018. May it be gentle and peaceful, with lots of pleasant garden surprises.

The 'Honesty Angel' was a charity donation. You bought the angel, and the gift brought (Honesty on mine) was on a card at the back. Mind you, I'm not decided on whether I like the 'onsie' outfit!

Cosy for Winter

19 December 2017 23:31:33

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Job's done. All fuchsias double wrapped (fleece and bubble-wrap) and now bedded down in the new fleece tunnel.

Regarding the vine-weevils, I couldn't face any more 'squishing'. (Not only did I do the 50 from the 'Champion Pot', but also 29 in another pot and 32 in another.

So I thought back to that great gardener we visited in the Burren (was his name Karl?). He also had a number of fuchsias. When I asked him about vine-weevils, he said the garden was full of them. His philosophy was that he was bound to lose a few plants, and if he did he would just plant more.

So I will join him in that thought for this year. But next year, it'll be nematodes April and September - no matter how busy I am!

50 in one pot

18 December 2017 22:41:53

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You know how they used to say:

If Mohammed cannot go to the mountain, then the mountain must go to Mohammed.

So if Elizabeth cannot go to the fuchsias (for fear of hypothermia), then the fuchsias must go to Elizabeth. And this is just what they have done - to the kitchen precisely, where along with my current HelpX helper Jon, work is progressing on the large pots which will be remaining out of doors.

We are assembling a mini-tunnell? tunell? you know what I mean - out of fleece. But in case that isn't sufficient, its 'belt and braces', with bubble-wrap either inside or outside the pots, and fleece caps on top.

But HORROR OF HORRORS, I spotted a vine-weevil on the base of one of the pots, and we decided to look in case there were others. We found FIFTY alive and wiggling in just one pot. No hope of the cold discouraging them!

I cannot imagine there are not others. My understanding is that nematodes suffer even more than I do when the soil gets below 5 degrees, so I will hope for the best, and wait till early Spring to treat them. 

PS I just put the heron picture in as he looks very calm and peaceful.

For and again all this cold ....

13 December 2017 13:45:20
Chilly Sunrise

Chilly Sunrise

I'm a bit paranoid about venturing out if the temperature isn't at least at 'feels like 5 degrees, so in a way, I'd appreciate at least a slight warming - even if not the global kind, so that I could sort out my swaps for Johnstown.

But then, there is a huge advantage in having a cold winter. For a Fuchsia Fanatic like myself, there is a 'nasty' lurking in the UK called Fuchsia Gall Mite It isn't mentioned on the Irish Invasive Species site, so I hope this means it hasn't reached us. But apparently, a cold winter kills it. 

So it's truely an ill wind (chill wind) that might be an advantage to some.

41 Flowers in December

04 December 2017 18:05:18



This link will take you to the Album on My Drive.

NOTE Dec 6 - Sorry folks, but there seems to be something wrong with the link. We'll have to be patient while I sort it out.

The focus is a bit blurred on some images - it was a perishing day, so either my eyes were fogged with the cold, or my hands were shaking - But I think the evidence is there - I am amazed that there is still so much colour.

Enjoy - when you can :-S

Album: 51 Flowers in November 2017

15 November 2017 00:19:19
Azalea from Hazel

Azalea from Hazel

OK folks, let's see if the link works!

51 Flowers in November 2017



Hurray - yes it's there.

Sorry some of the images are a bit blurred - it was early morning, freezing cold.

Names will follow at the week-end, I hope.

Watch out the Sky might Fall ...

14 November 2017 15:37:12

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Imagine it - two journals a week apart - hope I don't give myself a heart attack.

I went around the garden this morning in med November, and photographed everything in bloom. When I counted the pics there were flowers in bloom on 51 plants in my tiny gardens - and that's not counting what's now in the gazebo!

So hurry up with those instructions Hazel - I want to make an album using your work-around.

Here are three images to get started.

Good Work

06 November 2017 23:10:44
Gazebo for winter

Gazebo for winter

I have had a lovely HelpX lady with me for the past two weeks. She has done trojan work sorting out my overgrown semi-wild garden. She also re-organized the gazebo, and brought in lots of the fuchsias for winter. I'll miss her when she returns to France tomorrow.

Easter Azaelea

15 April 2017 10:20:20

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Happy Easter Everyone

And here are three azaelas that survived the recent reconstruction, which included about a foot or so being taken off the peat bed.

Take particular note of the Azaelea luteum which I'm thinking of renaming Golden Survivor. Hazel gave this to Tony and me for our Golden wedding in 2012. Tony never got to see it in bloom, and I had only seen one or two flowers myself. It was dug up and spent a few months in a bucket down in Laois, and was only replanted a few weeks ago when I got back to Tallaght.

Looks like Tony is working some magic on it from heaven.

Enjoy everyone!

Pollarding Suburban trees

15 March 2017 22:58:12

Lurking 'Journalist'

17 January 2017 13:53:56

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Yes, I do admit to being a 'lurker' on Garden.ie. I read all the entries, but only very rarely put in an odd comment, and even more rarely make an entry of my own. I seem to have so much to say face to face, yet I find it extremely difficult to put my thoughts on paper.

Well, for some reason (maybe the mild Laois air), but whatever the cause, here's todays tuppenceworth.

Currently staying with Hazel while major reconstruction work is happening at home in Tallaght, all I can do is ruminate on what might lie ahead when I return in late February. 

So here are three images to illustrate the current state of play.

Picture one shows a well-fed bird at one of the fifteen feeders that used to hang outside the back door where Tony could watch them while he was sick. Unfortunately, we had four-legged visitors to this 4-star hotel, so the feeders are now in storage, and may end up supporting fuchsias rather than feathered friends - no decision made yet, so I'll wait and see.

Picture two shows the first flowering in 2016 of the golden azalea given to us by Hazel for our 50th in 2012. This shrub had to be dug out to allow space for the dustbins to get past the much reduced peat-bed. It's now in a pot, and looks reasonably happy - fingers crossed.

No, I haven't fled to the Bahamas to escape the chaos, just gone to Laois. Picture Three shows the view from St Martin's Church Old Bawn Tallaght - on a freezing evening last May - the camera doesn't always tell the truth.

Happy New Year 2017 and Johnstown Offerings

01 January 2017 17:20:42

FREE GARDEN CLAY for taking away (from Tallaght)

19 June 2016 01:15:17

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Hi .ie Friends

Is there anyone out there making new raised beds? Someone who might want a bit of extra soil on your current beds? Perhaps you even want to create some height , a slope with lots of colour?

Well, I have to dismantle the "Fuchsia Wedding Cake" bed as part of a major reconstruction to accommodate an entrance ramp. I've packed all that lushious clay - twenty years or so of compost and fertilizer - in handy plastic beds.

It's FREE, just stick a few bags in your boot - or your trailer, van, truck or lorry. As much or as little as you want till it's all gone!

It'll be a crime if I have to put it in a skip for landfill.

Send me a message and I'll send you directions.


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